What is Calcium Cored Wire and Solid Calcium Cored Wire?

What is Calcium Cored Wire?

Calcium cored wire is a type of cored wire used in the steelmaking and metallurgical industries. It is a long, cylindrical, flexible metal wire. Its internal filling usually consists of a mixture of finely powdered calcium metal and other materials.


Calcium Cored Wire Specification

We can customize it to the specifications you require
Strip Thickness0.45mm
Calcium Weight70g/m

Calcium Cored Wire Application

The main purpose of calcium cored wire is to modify inclusions in steel

Inclusions are non-metallic particles or compounds. Such inclusions are detrimental to the mechanical properties of the steel and can negatively affect surface finish and other properties. The chemical reaction of calcium wires in molten steel results in the formation of calcium compounds such as calcium sulfide and calcium aluminate. The main function of calcium compounds is to capture and remove inclusions. Therefore, adding calcium cored wire to steel production can help produce cleaner, higher quality steel.

Calcium cored wire is helpful in reducing the sulfur content in steel.

When calcium cored wire is in molten steel, calcium and sulfur will react chemically to form calcium sulfide. Such chemical reactions help reduce the sulfur content in steel, which is important for improving ductility and toughness in steel.

Calcium cored wire also helps deoxidize molten steel.

When calcium cored wire is added to molten steel, calcium reacts chemically with excess oxygen in the steel to form calcium oxide. The resulting chemical solids are trapped in the slag. Calcium cored wire is added to the steel to remove oxygen from the steel through the chemical reaction of calcium and oxygen. This chemical reaction helps keep the steel clean and helps reduce defects in the final product.

Packing of Calcium Cored Wire

pure calcium cored wire

Calcium cored wire is usually available in a roll of one ton or a roll of two tons. Packaging is divided into vertical packaging and horizontal packaging. In transportation it is usually 20MT/GP.

Advantages of Calcium Cored Wire

  1. Depending on the specific composition of the cored wire, calcium can be used as an alloying element. Calcium silicon cored wire can introduce special properties to steel. For example, adding calcium-silicon cored wire and silicon elements simultaneously to molten steel can improve the heat resistance, electrical conductivity and magnetism of the steel.
  2. Adding calcium cored wire during the steelmaking process helps produce cleaner steel with fewer impurities and inclusions. This cleaner steel makes it easier to cast products during the casting process. This cleaner steel contributes to better casting properties, fewer defects, and improved surface finish in the final product.

3. Calcium-cored wire is often used for controlled wire feeding of molten steel in ladle handling facilities. During the processing process, precise control of the amount of calcium added is helpful to ensure the stability of the quality and performance of the steel.

Calcium cored wire can become part of sustainable and environmentally friendly steel production practices. Calcium cored wire helps reduce harmful gas and waste emissions associated with other steel processing methods during the steel-making and casting process. The addition of calcium cored wire during steel casting can help achieve a cleaner, more environmentally friendly steelmaking process.

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