Silico Manganese

Silico Manganese is also known as silicon manganese alloy. It is massive and has a silver luster. It is a composite deoxidizer often used in steelmaking. It is also a reducing agent used in the production of low-carbon ferromanganese and electro-silicothermal production of metal manganese. When steel is added to manganese iron alloy, it can be better reduced, and it can also enhance the toughness, hardness, strength, and elasticity of steel. Silicon is also an effective graphitizing medium, which can turn the carbon in cast iron into free graphitic carbon. Standard gray cast iron and ductile cast iron need to add at least 4% silicon. Most of the manganese and silicon elements are added to the molten steel in the form of ferromanganese, silicomanganese, and ferrosilicon.

Silico Manganese 6014

Mn: 60% min, Si: 14% min, P: 0.04% max, S: 0.04% max.

Silico Manganese 6517

Mn: 65% min, Si: 17% min, P: 0.04% max, S: 0.04% max.

Silico Manganese 6818

Mn: 68% min, Si: 18% min, P: 0.04% max, S: 0.04% max.

Raw Material Composition of Silico Manganese

The silicon manganese alloy can be smelted in continuous operation in large, medium, and small submerged arc furnaces. At present, the silicon manganese alloy electric furnaces of major silico manganese manufacturers are developing in the direction of large-scale and fully enclosed. In order to ensure the qualification rate of silico manganese products, the ratio of ferromanganese and manganese-phosphorus in the ore needs to meet certain requirements. The higher the manganese content of the manganese ore used, the better the performance of all indicators.

Silicon manganese alloy
Silicon manganese alloy
Silicon manganese alloy
Silicon manganese alloy

The main requirements for raw materials in the production of silicomanganese are as follows:

  • Silica, SiO2≥97%, P2O5<0.02%, grain size 10-40mm directly, not doped with soil and other sundries;
  • Coke: fixed carbon>84%, ash content <14%, small and medium electric furnaces use 3-13mm coke particle size, and large electric furnaces use 5-25mm;
  • Manganese ore, the content of impurity P2O5 in manganese ore should be as low as possible. The particle size of manganese ore is generally 10-80mm, and the part less than 10mm does not exceed 10% of the total ore.

Silico Manganese Production Process

The silico manganese alloy is produced by reducing the manganese oxide and silicon dioxide in manganese ore and silica with charcoal in a carbothermic furnace. In the silico manganese smelting process, carbonaceous reducing agent, manganese ore, manganese-rich slag, sintered manganese ore, roasted manganese ore and silica are used as raw materials, and lime, dolomite, fluorite, etc. are used as solvents for continuous generation in the electric furnace.

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ZX is a professional company specializing in the production of ferroalloy charge and metallurgical refractory products. We are committed to the research and development of ferroalloy deep-processing products and refractory materials, and contribute to the energy saving and consumption reduction of the iron and steel metallurgical industry. ZX is a high-quality silico manganese manufacturer in China. The company’s main products include silicon metal, silicon manganese alloy, ferrosilicon, silicomanganese briquettes, silicon carbide, silica sol special silicon powder, etc.

ZX silicon manganese
ZX silicon manganese
Silico Manganese
ZX silicon manganese

Silico Manganese Manufacturer

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ZX is located in the Taihang Mountains in central and eastern China, with a superior geographical location and rich mineral resources. The silico manganese price has an absolute advantage among its peers.

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The company supplies silicon series, manganese series, chromium series, multi-element alloys, etc., and has major submerged arc furnaces, refining furnaces, and other equipment. All products have passed ISO9001 certification and are equipped with professional testing equipment to ensure that the factory products meet relevant testing standards.

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