Nitrided Ferro Manganese

Nitrided ferro manganese is produced by filling medium and low carbon ferro manganese with nitrogen. It is mainly used as a nitrogen additive, and a manganese additive of the production of high hardness alloy steel, and stainless steel, which are used as raw materials of the automobile, shipbuilding, and aviation industry.

Nitrided ferro manganese powder
Nitrided ferro manganese powder
Nitrogen-bearing ferromanganese
nitrided manganese
Nitrided manganese briquettes
Nitrogen-bearing ferromanganese

Features Of Nitrided Ferro Manganese

  • High nitrogen utilization.
  • High content of nitrogen and manganese.
  • Low content of impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, etc.

Different Forms of Nitrided Ferro Manganese

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  • Nitrided manganese powder
  • Nitrided ferromanganese briquettes
  • Nitrided manganese cored wire

Application Of Nitrided Ferro Manganese

Ferromanganese nitride is an essential alloying agent in the production of special alloy steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant steel.

Nitrided ferro manganese can improve the hardness and other mechanical properties, refine the grain, and expand the austenite zone.

Nitrided ferro manganese can replace nickel (nickel is expensive), which reduces the cost of steel production. 

The Chemical Component Of Nitrided Ferro Manganese

 Mn (min)CSi (max)S (max)P (max)N
the chemical composition of nitrided ferromanganese

Preparation Of Nitrided Ferro Manganese

There are two preparation methods of nitride ferro manganese: liquid-phase nitriding and solid-phase nitriding.

Liquid-phase nitriding of nitride ferro manganese

The liquid-phase nitriding of nitrided ferro manganese has the properties of high density, high strength, and high utilization rate of nitrogen in steelmaking. Due to its low nitrogen content (about 2%), it can not meet the requirements of steelmaking.

Solid-phase nitriding of nitride ferro manganese

Solid-phase nitriding is most widely used in the production of nitride ferro manganese.

  1. Select medium and low-carbon ferromanganese as raw material.
  2. They were crushing and sieving the ferro manganese raw materials to obtain 80-100 mesh ferromanganese powder.
  3. The ferro manganese powder can be used directly or pressed into blocks depending on the nitriding process.
  4. Putting the ferromanganese powder or block in the vacuum furnace. (900-1100℃, 0.1MPa) Nitriding with 8-12 hours.
  5. Natural cooling.
  6. Packing and delivering.

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