Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Electrolytic manganese is pure manganese metal. Its main ingredient is manganese, the Mn element content is 99.7-99.9%. The impurities are C, P, S, Fe, Si, Se.

Manganese metal is widely used as deoxidizing agent, desulfurizing agent, and alloying agent in the steel industry. There are four forms of manganese metal: manganese metal flakes, manganese metal lumps, manganese metal briquette, and manganese metal powder.

We also supply nitrided manganese metal, nitrided ferromanganese, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon manganese.

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes

Manganese metal flakes

Manganese metal flakes, are also known as electrolytic manganese metal flakes. Its main production process is electrolysis. ZX ferroalloy is a leading manufacturer of electrolytic manganese metal.

Size: 1-2mm thick flakes.

Packaging: 1 ton/bag or as customer required.

Production capacity: 2500 tons per month.

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes

Manganese Flakes Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition(%)MnCSeS (max)P (max)
electrolytic manganese99.7-99.90.01-
Electrolytic manganese metal flakes chemical composition

Why Choose Zhenxin Electrolytic Manganese Metal?

  • Custom service: Zhenxin is a manufacturer of electrolytic manganese metal, we can provide manganese metal flakes, powder, and lumps as customer required.
  • High Purity: Manganese content 99.7%-99.9%.
  • Quality Control: From the selection of raw materials, sulfuric acid pretreatment testing, electrolysis process, product content determination, inspection before packaging, third-party inspection before delivery.
  • Production Capacity:  The monthly output of manganese metal is 2,500 tons. Meet the the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
  • Reliability Service: Zhenxin constantly improves all aspects from technology, management and the team, in order to achieve the goal of providing high-quality, convenient and reliable service.
  • Production Cost Control: Zhenxin has advanced management experience, and production technology. Manganese resources, electricity and labor costs are very competitive. The price of electrolytic manganese metal is very competitive.  
Manganese metal powder

Manganese Metal Powder

Mn: 99.5% min

manganese metal flakes

Manganese Metal Flakes

Mn:99.7% min

manganese metal lumps

Manganese Metal Lumps

Mn: 97% min, C:0.04% max

manganese metal briquettes

Manganese Metal Briquettes

Mn: 95-97%, C:0.05-0.1%

Uses Of Pure Manganese Metal

Due to its high purity, the electrolytic manganese metal is widely used in the steel industry, metallurgical industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, and aerospace industry.

  • In steelmaking production, electrolytic manganese is particularly suitable for smelting stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, precision steel, high-temperature steel, corrosion-resistant steel, etc.
  • Electrolytic manganese is used as a metallurgical additive, which can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of alloys. It is widely used in the manganese-copper alloy, and manganese-aluminum alloy,
  • Electrolytic manganese metal powder is used as the raw material for the production of Mn3O4. Mn3O4 is widely used in the electronic industry.
  • Electrolytic manganese is used in the production of welding rods.

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes for Sale

Electrolytic manganese metal flakes

Electrolytic Manganese Metal Price

The price of electrolytic manganese metal is mainly affected by supply and demand, electricity, and raw materials.

In China, the manganese metal companies are concentrated in the south. The south relies on hydroelectric power. In wet seasons (from April to October), adequate supply of electricity to meet the production demand, while in dry seasons, power shortages have affected the production of manganese metal.

The global annual production of special steel requires 70-80,000 tons of electrolytic manganese, about 10,000-10,000 tons of manganese for manganese-aluminum alloys, and about 50,000-60,000 tons of manganese for Mn3O4 and other magnetic materials. The total global demand is about 450,000-500,000 tons. , The domestic demand is about 150,000-200,000 tons.

Preparation Methods Of Manganese Metal Flakes

  • Electrolytic process: Manganese ore was pretreated with sulfuric acid, and occurred as sulfuric acid electrolyte. Manganese metal is precipitated on the cathode plate through an electrolytic process.
  • Aluminothermic process: Aluminothermic process is a production method of manganese metal. Aluminum is used as a reducing agent to smelt metal manganese,  using chemical heat released by reducing manganese oxide.
  • Electro-silicothermic process: Manganese oxide reacts with silicon in an electric furnace to form manganese metal.

Zhenxin offers manganese metal lumps (Mn96-97%), electrolytic manganese metal flakes, manganese metal powder, and manganese metal briquettes. As a leading supplier of Ferroalloy materials, our supply ability of manganese metal is up to 18,000 MT per year. If you are looking for manganese metal, contact us by leaving a message.

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