Magnesium Ingot

Magnesium ingot is a kind of light metal raw material for producing magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, and other series products.  Magnesium ingot has a high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good shock absorption, and good cutting performance. 

magnisium ingots for sale
magnesium ingots for sale
magnesium ingot supplier
magnesium ingot supplier

The Magnesium Ingot Uses

Magnesium ingots are less dense metals, with a density of two-thirds that of aluminum.  As a metal material with low density, magnesium ingot is widely used in the aerospace industry, military industry, transportation, 3C field, and so on. 

Magnesium ingot can be used in the production of ferro silicon magnesium.

With the development of science and technology and the emergence of new technology and new process, the application of magnesium ingot will be more and more extensive.

The Specification of Mg Ingot

Magnesium ingot chemical composition

Magnesium Ingot for Sale

HS Code: 8104110000


Origin: Henan, China

Package: 1MT/Mg pallet covered with a plastic bag.

Ingot Weight: 15Kg+/- 0.5kg; 7.5+/-0.5Kg; 300g+/-50g

Production Capacity: 5,000MT/Month

The Production Process of Magnesium Ingot

  • Dolomite is broken by crusher-qualified material (30-40mm), sintered by a rotary kiln, and calcined into calcine white. 
  • It is cooled by a cooling machine, then ground into powder by a ball mill, and pressed into balls by a ball press. 
  • After crushing, it is evenly mixed with ferrosilicon powder (containing 75% silicon) and fluorite powder to make a group. 
  • Put into the heat-resistant stainless steel reduction tank, placed in the reduction furnace, reduction at 1200-1250℃ and 1.33Pa vacuum degree of vacuum to make crude magnesium. 
  • After solvent refining, casting, and the surface treatment finished magnesium ingot was obtained.

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