Atomized Ferrosilicon

What is Atomized Ferro Silicon?

Atomized ferro silicon powder is spherical particles made by atomizing ferrosilicon powder with water atomization technology. Compared with ordinary ferrosilicon powder, the particle size of atomized ferrosilicon powder is smaller.

The Main Types of Atomized Ferro Silicon

The main types of atomized ferrosilicon on the market are FeSi15, FeSi45, FeSi75

FeSi15 is mainly used in the mineral processing industry.

FeSi45, FeSi75 are mainly used in the production of welding rods.

Atomised Ferro Silicon for Dense Media Separation

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atomized ferro silicon
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atomized ferrosilicon powder

The silicon content of ferrosilicon powder used as a heavy-medium separation should be controlled at 14%-16%. The mineral particles have different specific gravity, therefore, it is a good choice to use heavy media for beneficiation.

Due to its good corrosion resistance and good magnetism, FeSi15 is very suitable for heavy-medium separation. The ferro silicon can be recycled, so the low silicon ferrosilicon powder magnetic separation is the easiest and cheapest method. It is widely used in gold ore, diamond ore, aluminium ore, copper ore flotation.

Atomized Ferrosilicon Specification

chemical composition table of atomized FeSi15

Particle Size of Atomized Ferrosilicon

-150Micron:90-96%-150 Micron:99-100%
Ferrosilicon powder

Nonmagnetics: 0.5% Max True density: 6.7-7.1

Packaging: 1000kg/bag or 250kg steel drum

Size (micron):Fine & Cyclone60

Production process: Electric furnace smelting → Water atomization → Screening

atomized ferro silicon ferro sillicon powder milled ferrosilicon

Atomized ferrosilicon for Welding Rod

Atomized ferrosilicon is mainly used in the production of welding rods. It is used as the coating of the welding rod, to improve the deoxidization of the welding rod.

During the welding process, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. in the air will affect the welding effect and cracks will occur in the welding joint. The electrode coating produces gas at high temperatures, which can reduce the reaction of welding metal and air.

FeSi4543-470.7 max0.04 max0.02 max0.1 max
FeSi7572-750.7 max0.04 max0.02 max0.1 max
chemical composition of atomized FeSi45/75

Size: 40mesh, 50mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh, etc.

Packaging: 1000kg/bag or 250kg steel drum

Production process: Electric furnace smelting → Water atomization → Stoving → Screening

Atomized ferrosilicon powder for sale

ZX Ferroalloy can supply various kinds of ferroalloy powders with a size range of 0-2000 mesh. The production capacity is 3000 tons per month. The annual output of atomized ferrosilicon powder is 12,000 tons, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, and other places.

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