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Wide production line: Our main products are ferro chrome, silicon nitride, ferrochromium nitride, silicon manganese nitride, ferro manganese nitride, calcium silicon barium, and ferrosilicon metallurgy nodulant, ferro siilcon magnesium, silicon calcium powder etc.

Complete production facilities: 4 sets of production lines for Nitrided ferroalloy of 20,000 TPY; 4 sets of production lines for Alloy cored wire of 30,000 TPY; 6 sets of vacuum furnaces; 10+ sets furnaces for other purposes.

Export business veteran: 15+ years supply experience in the China domestic market; 10+ years experience in the international market. We have rich experience in exporting to foreign countries, such as India, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia etc.

Belonging to Caloong Group: Caloong Group has 5 subsidiaries, ZHENXIN Ferro Alloy, Caloong Chemical, Chenxin Metallurgy, Caloong New Energy, Kemet Import and Export Company. Products cover metallurgial materials, fine chemicals, new energy, and other industries.

Ferro Alloy Products A-Z

For 15 years as a Chinese leading ferroalloy manufacturer and supplier, ZHENXIN has developed a comparatively broad product range.
But we never stop ceasing new products and opportunities to satisfy the changing needs of our clients. Free feel to explore our product list from A-Z. For any extra requirements, contact us anytime.

alloy core wire product featured image ferro sulphur ferro sulfur sulphur cored wire

Alloy Cored Wire

Alloy cored wires are widely used as deoxidizers, desulfurizers and alloy additives in the steelmaking and casting processes, which can change the shape of molten steel inclusions.

aluminium manganese alloy manganese aluminum alloy

Aluminium Manganese

What is Aluminium Manganese? Manganese aluminum alloy is an alloy used to adjust the chemical composition of aluminum alloys. Manganese aluminum alloy is widely used in the fields of special

atomized ferro silicon featured image

Atomized Ferrosilicon

What is Atomized Ferro Silicon? Atomized ferro silicon powder is spherical particles made by atomizing ferrosilicon powder with water atomization technology. Compared with ordinary ferrosilicon powder, the particle size of

calcium cored wire featured image

Calcium Cored Wire

Calcium cored wire is suitable for the calcium treatment process of molten steel refining. It has uniform wire diameter, high tensile strength, good toughness, and is not easy to break.

the featured image of Calcium Iron Cored Wire

Calcium Iron Cored Wire

Calcium iron cored wire is made of steel strip cladding by mixing metallic calcium with a certain proportion of iron powder. It is suitable for calcium treatment of pure steel.

calcium metal supplies-ZX

Calcium Metal

Calcium metal is mainly used as a deoxidizing, decarburizing, and desulfurizing agent in the production of alloy and special steel, a reducing agent in high-purity rare earth metal processes.

Calcium Silicon supplies-ZX

Calcium Silicon

Calcium silicon is an ideal composite deoxidizer and desulfurizer in the production of steels with different grades and special alloys, an inoculant and additive in the cast iron industry.

calcium cored wire solid calcium cored wire

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

Calcium silicon cored wire is a kind of alloy cored wire that is processed by silicon calcium alloy powder, then wrapped by steel strip, and processed by cored wire machine.

Carbon Cored Wire

Carbon cored wire is a kind of alloy cored wire that is used in the steelmaking industry. It is to crush high-purity carbon raiser that needs to be added to

high carbon ferro chrome raw materials

Carbon Raiser

Carbon raiser is an indispensable additive mainly used in steelmaking and ductile iron casting. It supplements the carbon lost and improves the quality of steel and ductile iron.

electrolytic manganese metal

Electrolytic Manganese Metal

Electrolytic manganese is pure manganese metal. Its main ingredient is manganese, the Mn element content is 99.7-99.9%. The impurities are C, P, S, Fe, Si, Se. Manganese metal is widely

Ferro Chrome

Ferro Chrome

Ferro chrome is often used as an alloy additive in the steel smelting and foundry industries. Ferro chrome with different carbon content can be used in different industries and uses.

high carbon ferro manganese

Ferro manganese

Ferro manganese is a ferroalloy composed of Ferro and manganese. The Mn element’s density is 7.43g/cm3, melting point is 1245℃, the boiling point is 2150℃.  Ferro manganese is widely used

ferro silicon

Ferro Silicon

Ferro silicon is a ferrosilicon alloy composed of silicon and iron, mainly used for steel smelting and metal magnesium smelting. Ferro silicon block and powder are its common forms.

the product featured image of ferro silicon magnesium nodularizer

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Nodularizer

Ferro silicon magnesium is a ferrosilicon alloy added by magnesium, calcium, manganese, and rare earth. It always refers to ferro silicon magnesium (MgFeSi) nodularizer. The nodularizer is mainly used in

ferro silicon nitride supplies-ZX

Ferro Silicon Nitride

Ferro silicon nitride is mainly used in the tap hole of large blast furnaces and unshaped refractory materials. It can also be used as a nitrogen-increasing agent.

ferro silicon zirconium

Ferro Silicon Zirconium FeSiZr

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Zirconium Ferro silicon zirconium is mainly used in steelmaking as a deoxidizing agent, desulfurizing agent, and denitrification agent. The Specification of Ferro Silicon Zirconium  

ferro vanadium for sale ferrovanadium supplier

Ferro Vanadium

Ferro vanadium, also known as ferrovanadium alloy, is a kind of ferroalloy. It can be produced by reducing vanadium pentoxide with carbon in an electric furnace, and can also be

Nitrided Ferro Chrome Supplies-ZX

Ferrochrome Nitride

Ferrochromium nitride is widely applied in the production of corrosion-resistant and other special nitrogen-containing steel. It can partially replace the nickel elements and reduce the production cost.

ferro chrome uses high carbon ferro chrome

High Carbon Ferro Chrome

What is High Carbon Ferro Chrome High Carbon Ferro Chrome is a kind of ferrochrome. The main components of ferro chrome are chromium, iron, and carbon. High carbon ferro chrome

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High Carbon Ferro Chrome Factory Price China Manufacturer

Ferro Chrome

This month, the price of high-carbon ferrochrome “rose first and then fell”, with an overall fluctuation range of 50-100 yuan/50 base tons. At the beginning

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