High Carbon Ferro Chrome

What is High Carbon Ferro Chrome

High Carbon Ferro Chrome is a kind of ferrochrome. The main components of ferro chrome are chromium, iron, and carbon. High carbon ferro chrome also contains some trace elements such as silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur. High carbon ferro chrome is mainly used in steelmaking.

High Carbon Ferro Chrome Chemical Composition

HC FeCrC6.062-726.
HC FeCrC6.062-726.
HC FeCrC962-7293.00.050.04
HC FeCrC1062-726.
high carbon ferro chrome chemical composition

High Carbon Ferro Chrome Uses

high carbon ferro chrome
  1. High carbon ferro chrome is mainly used as an alloying agent in high carbon ball steel, tool steel, high-speed steel production. Adding a certain amount of high carbon ferro chrome can improve the hardenability, wear resistance, and hardness of the steel.
  2. High carbon ferro chrome is used in cast iron. It can improve the wear resistance, hardness, and heat resistance of cast iron.
  3. High carbon ferro chrome can be used in the production of ferro silicon chrome, medium carbon ferro chrome, low carbon ferro chrome, and micro carbon ferro chrome.
  4. High carbon ferro chrome can be used in the production of chromium metal and nitrided low carbon ferro chrome.

High Carbon Ferro Chrome Prices

 The prices of high carbon ferro chrome moved forward weakly and steadily this week, and the market sentiment was more volatile. At the beginning of the week, due to the lower-than-expected increase in steel recruitment, the surge in iron prices was blocked, the market’s profit-taking psychology strengthened, and some high-level offers returned to the mainstream level. In the middle of the week, large stainless steel factories issued price limit management notices, and the output in September remained high, giving raw material suppliers a certain degree of confidence, and market anxiety eased.

At the end of this week, the market quotations increased, and the attitude of downstream buyers gradually became more rational, and some suppliers showed little flexibility in their quotations. However, due to cost constraints, although the high price of ferrochrome was under pressure, it was still difficult to find low-priced goods in the market.

The current high chromium price of ordinary silicon (yuan/50 basis ton, ex-factory including tax in cash): 9100-9400 in Southwest; 9100-9200 in Northwest; 9300-9400 in Northeast; 9400-9500 in East China; 9350-9450 in Central China; Silicon high chromium (1.0<Si<1.5): 9450-9600. Mainstream price of imported high chromium external disks (USD/lb chromium, CIF ): 0.98-0.99 in South Africa; 0.98-0.99 in India; India 9350-9400; Harbin Railway 10050-10100.

High Carbon Ferro Chrome Production Process

High carbon ferro chrome production methods include blast furnace method, electric furnace method, plasma furnace method, reduction method, etc.

The high carbon ferro chrome smelted in blast furnace has a low chromium content, generally 30%. The plasma furnace method is not widely used for technical and cost reasons. At present, most of the high carbon ferro chrome with high chromium content belongs to submerged arc furnace smelting.

Electric furnace smelting of high carbon ferro chrome is to use carbon to reduce chromium and iron oxides in chrome ore.

The raw materials for smelting high carbon ferro chromium are chromium ore, coke, and silica.

The method of continuous operation is adopted, and the raw materials are batched according to the order of coke, silica and chrome ore.

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