Carbon Cored Wire

Carbon cored wire is a kind of alloy cored wire that is used in the steelmaking industry. It is to crush high-purity carbon raiser that needs to be added to the molten steel into certain particle sizes, then wrap them in a steel strip.

The carbon cored wire is widely used in the steelmaking and casting industry as a carbon rising agent.

Carbon Cored Wire Specification

C Content90%, 95%, 98%
The thickness of the Steel Strip0.45mm
Powder weight135g/m
Carbon cored wire specification

Diameter is 13mm±0.5mm, carbon purity is 90%, 95% to 98%.  Custom specifications are also acceptable.  The thickness of the steel strip (strip) is 0.3-0.6mm.  The core wire machine produced by our new technology is tightly packed without spillage or leakage.  Filled with uniform toner and packed in waterproof plastic and steel frame.  Absorptivity is greater than 90% and moisture is less than 0.5%.  It can significantly reduce the steelmaking production cost.

carbon cored wire
Carbon cored wire
Alloy cored wire supplier supplies carbon cored wire, calcium cored wire, calcium silicon cored wire.
Casi wire
Casi Cored Wire
Alloy cored wire supplier

Wire Injection Makes the Steelmaking Easier

  • Using the alloy cored wire can avoid the impurities getting into the molten steel: Some of the additives used in steelmaking (calcium metal, carbon raiser) with light specific gravity and low melting point. When added to the molten steel in a lump shape, it creates bubbles easily. While using the alloy cored wire, the material can get into the bottom of the molten steel.
  • Using the alloy cored wire can control the chemical composition strictly: The amount and speed of alloy addition can be easily controlled by a wire feeder.
  • Using the alloy cored wire can decrease production cost: The cored wire can increase the alloy yield.

Type of Alloy Cored Wire

Calcium Cored Wire

Pure Calcium Cored Wire

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

Calcium Iron Cored Wire

Ferro Silicon Cored Wire

FeS Cored Wire

CaAlFe Cored Wire

Silicon Aluminum Barium Cored Wire

Ferrosilicon Magnesium Cored Wire

Ferro Silico Manganese Cored Wire

Nitrided Manganese Cored Wire

Nitrided Ferrochrome Cored Wire

Pure Mg Core Wire

SiBaCa Cored Wire

Why Choose ZX Alloy Cored Wire?

  • ZXferroalloy has 4 sets of production lines for Alloy cored wire of 30,000 tons per year. We produce calcium metal, nitride Ferro chrome, nitride manganese, etc as the raw material of alloy cored wire. Both the chemical composition and the delivery are guaranteed.
  •  ZXferroalloy has nearly 20 years of cored wire production experience, after several technical reforms, the powder core distribution is uniform, the powder core leakage, empty packages, broken lines, and other quality problems are avoided.
  • ZXferroalloy supplies various alloy cored wire: ZXferroalloy is located in Qugou Town, Anyang City, Henan Province, China. Qugou is known as the first town of ferroalloy in China. So we can get various ferroalloys at competitive prices from our sister company in Qugou.
  • ZXferroalloy strictly controls the quality of cored wire: We will test the chemical content and particle size of raw materials before producing cored wire.  When producing each batch of cored wire, we will test the product again according to the customer’s requirements to ensure that the weight of the powder core is qualified and the powder core is evenly distributed.  After the production of core-wrapped wire, according to the export requirements, iron cage packaging, clinker bag packaging, wood bracket, to ensure that the product will not extrusion deformation or fracture during transportation.

Current Price of Carbon Cored Wire (C Cored Wire)

November 3, 2023, the price of carbon cored wire is around 800-850 USD (FOB Tianjin). Contact and get the details.

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