High Carbon Silicon

High carbon silicon, also called silicon carbon alloy, is a new type of alloy, mainly used in the converter smelting deoxidation process in the iron and steel industry. The main components of high carbon silicon are silicon and carbon. The silicon content is generally above 55%, while the carbon content is above 15%. Other components include silicon dioxide, phosphorus, and sulfur.

High Carbon Silicon Production Process

High carbon silicon is a subsidiary product produced in the production of metallic silicon. In the production process of metallic silicon, the raw materials are smelted in an electric furnace. Due to the uneven distribution of electrodes in some furnaces, uneven heating of the raw materials may occur. A small amount of silica at the bottom of the furnace did not completely react with raw materials such as carbon. In a high-temperature environment, after a long time accumulation, a lump-like product is formed at the bottom of the furnace. These products are high carbon silicon.

High carbon siliconChemical composition(%)    Size(mm)

Material Advantages of High Carbon Silicon

As a new type of composite alloy deoxidizer, high carbon silicon has an absolute price advantage compared to other types of deoxidizers and can replace traditional deoxidizers such as ferrosilicon powder, calcium carbide, carbon powder, alloy powder, etc. High carbon silicon has stable physical and chemical properties and a good deoxidation effect. Used in the converter steelmaking process, it can quickly react with the oxygen in the molten steel to form steel slag floating on the surface of the molten steel, thereby achieving the purpose of deoxidation. High carbon silicon has certain desulfurization and recarburization effects while deoxidizing, which can replace part of the recarburizer, thereby greatly reducing the cost of steelmaking.

Advantages of high carbon silicon used for deoxidation in the smelting process of ordinary steel, alloy steel and special steel

  • In converter steelmaking, high carbon silicon can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide and recarburizers, thereby effectively reducing the amount of deoxidizers and stabilizing chemical components.
  • The use of high carbon silicon as a deoxidizer in the steel smelting process can effectively shorten the reduction time, reduce the power consumption in the production process, and improve the efficiency of steelmaking at the same time.
  • The process of decomposition and oxidation of high carbon silicon in the converter will generate a lot of heat, which will increase the temperature and pressure in the furnace and provide the necessary conditions for deoxidation and desulfurization.

Advantages of high carbon silicon used in foundries

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High Carbon Silicon
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High Carbon Silicon

High carbon silicon also has obvious advantages for cast iron in foundries. Cast iron generally contains 2~4% C and 1~3% Si. Carbon and silicon elements directly affect the microstructure of the cast iron process. The most abundant components in high-carbon silicon are carbon and silicon. Using high-carbon silicon as a deoxidizer, high-efficiency heating agent (Si&C: 6.58kcal/g, 1.24kcal/g) and recarburizer in the iron casting process can effectively control the input of other components and produce very few impurities.

Market Prospects of High Carbon Silicon

For a long time, the recovery rate of traditional alloys has been greatly affected by converter operations. Uncertain factors such as steel output, key temperature and slag amount of steel enterprises have caused large fluctuations in the alloy composition in the finished product. These factors all lead to unstable chemical composition of smelted steel, and low pass rate of internal control indicators for finished products.

The steel industry urgently needs a new type of alloy to solve its inherent problems. The high carbon silicon has such advantages. With the recovery of the global economy, the production capacity of the steel industry is constantly increasing. The demand for high carbon silicon in steel plants is also increasing year by year. Therefore, the demand for high carbon silicon market is steadily increasing.

ZX High Carbon Silicon

As an emerging alloy product, high carbon silicon has not been popularized in countries all over the world. Therefore, there are not many companies that can produce high carbon silicon. In China, the main production capacity of high carbon silicon is concentrated in Anyang, Henan. ZX Materials Co., Ltd. is located in this area, relying on the advantages of the material production area, and all products are sold directly by the factory, the high carbon silicon products provided are competitively priced. The company has many years of experience in the metallurgical refractory industry, and is proficient in the production process of high carbon silicon products, and can customize personalized products according to customer needs.

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