Ferro Silicon Magnesium Nodularizer

Ferro silicon magnesium is a ferrosilicon alloy added by calcium, manganese, and rare earth. It always refers to ferro silicon magnesium (MgFeSi) nodularizer.

ferro silicon manganese product image
ferro silicon magnesium is a common nodularizer
a closer look of ferro silicon magnesium
a closer look at ferro silicon magnesium product

The nodularizer is mainly used in the production process of spheroidal graphite cast iron and ductile iron.

The function is to transform flake graphite into spherical graphite. The ferro silicon magnesium nodularizer can significantly enhance the strength of cast iron. In addition, it also features the function of degasification, desulfurization, and deoxidation. The nodularizer is widely used in the metallurgy and steel making industry.

Among all the components in the ferro silicon magnesium, the manganese element is the one that servers the primary function of nodularization, directly affecting the ductile iron nodularizing result.

The specification of ferro silicon magnesium

contains in %ReMgCaSiMnTiBa
the element components data sheet of ferro silicon magnesium

Note: different granular sizes can be customized as per the client’s requirement, such as 5-15mm, 3-25mm, 8-40mm, and 25-50mm, etc.

The application of ferro silicon magnesium

The ferro silicon magnesium is a common additive used in the steelmaking industry.

  1. In iron steel making, it is added as the nodularizer, the vermiculizer, and the inoculant. With strong mechanical strength, it works well in deoxidation and desulfurization.
  2. It can also be used as alloy agent for refining, deoxidation, denaturation and neutralization of harmful impurities (Pb, arsenic, etc.) with a lower melting point. By solid solution alloying, the ferro silicon magnesium can help to form new metal compounds with the impurities, to purify the steel.

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