Ferro manganese

Ferro manganese is a ferroalloy composed of Ferro and manganese. The Mn element’s density is 7.43g/cm3, melting point is 1245℃, the boiling point is 2150℃. 

Ferro manganese is widely used in steel making as a deoxidizer and an alloying agent. Manganese reacts readily with oxygen to form stable manganese oxide.

ferro manganese product image
ferro manganese product image
ferro manganese alloy

Three Types Of Ferro Manganese

  • High carbon ferro manganese  ( C: 7% approx)
  • Medium carbon ferro manganese ( C: 1.0-2% approx)
  • Low carbon ferro manganese    ( C: 1.0% max)

Specification Of Ferro Manganese

GradeMnC ≤Si ≤P ≤S ≤
Ferro manganese specification table

Ferro Manganese Uses

  • Ferro manganese used in the steel industry: Ferro manganese is used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steelmaking. High-quality steel is deoxidized and desulphurized in smelting. Adding a suitable amount of ferromanganese to the molten steel can reduce the harmful element, and improve the quality of the steel. In the steel industry, the consumption of ferromanganese is about 3-5kg FeMn75# to produce one-ton steel.
  • Ferro manganese used in the foundry industry: Ferro manganese is used as a nucleating agent and nodulizing agent for nodular cast iron. It accelerates the graphite precipitation, shortens the nodulizing time, reduces the impurity in the molten steel, improves the quality of the cast iron, Reduces the blockage of the smelting furnace nozzle, and effectively prolongs the service life of the smelting furnace.
  • Ferro manganese used in other industries: High carbon Ferro manganese is used as a reducing agent in low carbon ferroalloys production. HC Ferro manganese powder can also be used in welding materials and mineral separation. High manganese ferromanganese can be used in the electrical industry to produce the semiconductor pure manganese and can be used in the chemical industry to produce manganese ketone.

Preparation Method Of Ferro Manganese

There are various preparation methods for Ferro manganese such as the blast furnace method, electric furnace smelting, and oxygen blast furnace. Smelting carbon ferromanganese used to be mainly in the blast furnace, with the development of the electric power industry, the use of electric furnaces gradually increased.

  1. Blast furnace method: In the blast furnace, manganese oxide is directly reduced to metal by carbon, and oxygen blowing can raise the furnace temperature and increase the output of ferromanganese.
  2. Electric furnace smelting: Medium and low carbon Ferro manganese is desiliconized and refined by a 1500-1600 kVA electric furnace, using manganese silicon, manganese-rich ore, and lime as raw materials. MnSi+2MnO+2CaO─→3Mn+2CaO·SiO2
  3. Oxygen blast furnace: Medium and low carbon ferromanganese can be obtained by blowing pure oxygen into melton carbon ferro manganese.

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