Silicon Briquette

Silicon briquettes are made by pressing metal silicon slag powder through a machine. Silicon slag is a kind of scum that floats on the furnace in the process of smelting metal silicon. The silicon slag contains a large amount of metal silicon and other elements. It is a good deoxidizer widely used for the purpose of deoxidizing and purifying molten steel. Due to its low price and good effect, it is used by steel plants to replace ferrosilicon and is a good product that reduces costs and increases efficiency. Other ferroalloys for steelmaking are applied too.

Specification of silicon briquette

Silicon Briquette 4545%Min5.0%Max6.0%Max0.05%Max0.05%Max
Silicon Briquette 5050%Min5.0%Max6.0%Max0.05%Max0.05%Max
Silicon Briquette 5555%Min3.0%Max5.5%Max0.05%Max0.05%Max 
Silicon Briquette 6060%Min3.0%Max5.0%Max0.05%Max0.05%Max
Silicon Briquette 6565%Min3.0%Max5.0%Max0.05%Max0.05%Max

According to the C content, Silicon briquette can be divided into silicon slag briquette, silicon carbon briquette, and high carbon silicon briquette which are used as a warming agent for steelmaking. Silicon briquettes are a good substitute for ferrosilicon in the steelmaking industry. It has advantages in reducing production costs and resource reuse.

silicon briquette for sale
silicon briquette for sale
silicon carbon alloy
silicon carbon alloy

In the metallurgical industry, there is a technology called “returning” by inserting silicon balls, which can greatly reduce the cost of the furnace and better polymerize the materials in the furnace. Silicon balls have the application and inoculation of spheroidizing agents.

Silicon carbon alloy

Silicon carbon alloy balls contain high content of silicon (40-50%) and carbon (10-15%), which can be used to replace ferrosilicon and recarburizers in steelmaking and cast iron.

Chemical composition%



Advantages of silicon carbon alloy 

  1. Efficient start-up of the smelting process of the steelmaking furnace;
  2. Convenient and cheap alternative to standard ferrosilicon;
  3. The suitability of mixing with different materials according to the needs and requirements of customers;
  4. The pure substance is compressed into a capsule, which is convenient to use;
  5. Due to its convenient size and convenient transportation

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