Ferro Silicon

Ferro silicon from the ZHENXIN ferroalloy factory is a ferrosilicon alloy composed of silicon and iron in a certain proportion and is mainly used for steel smelting and metal magnesium smelting.

  • Appearance: The appearance of ferro silicon is metallic bread color, without powder and slag.
  • Chemical composition: In addition to Si and Fe, ferro silicon also includes Mn, Cr, P, S, C, and other elements.
  • Melting point: 72#-80# ferro silicon melting point 1290℃-1360℃, 75# ferro silicon melting point 1300℃.
  • Density: The density of ferro silicon depends on the content of silicon in ferro silicon, and its density decreases with the increase of silicon content in ferro silicon alloy. The density of 75# ferro silicon is 3270kg/m3.

Application of Ferro Silicon

  1. Deoxidizer: Ferro silicon is used in the steelmaking industry as a precipitation deoxidizer and diffusion deoxidizer.
  2. Reducing agent: high-silicon ferro silicon or siliceous alloys can be used as reducing agents for the production of low-carbon iron alloys in the ferroalloy industry.
  3. Alloying agent: Ferro silicon can be used as an alloying agent for low-alloy structural steel, composite steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel, and electric silicon steel smelting, to produce single crystal silicon or to prepare non-ferrous metal alloys.
  4. Inoculant: adding ferro silicon to cast iron can be used as an inoculant for nodular cast iron to prevent the formation of carbides, and promote precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, thereby improving the properties of cast iron.
  5. Coating: Ferro silicon powder can be used as a suspension phase in the beneficiation industry, and can be used as a coating for welding rods in the welding rod manufacturing industry.

Ferrosilicon Production

Ferro silicon detail
Ferro silicon detail
Ferro silicon detail
Ferro silicon detail

The production of ferrosilicon alloy is made by using coke, steel, silica, or quartz as raw materials, heating it to a high temperature of 1500℃-1800℃ in an electric furnace, reducing silicon from silica-containing SiO2, and then dissolving it in molten iron. Among them, metallurgical coke is commonly used as a reducing agent, and iron filings are used as a regulator of ferrosilicon.

Ferro silicon codeChemical composition(%)     

Raw materials and power consumption required for ferrosilicon production

  • Silica: 1780kg-1850kg
  • Coke: 890-930kg
  • Iron filings: 220-230kg
  • Electrode paste: 45-55kg
  • Power consumption: 8400-9000kwh/t

ZX Ferro Silicon Products

ZX Ferro silicon
ZX Ferro silicon
ferro silicon
ZX Ferro silicon

ZX is a professional ferrosilicon alloy supplier that can provide ferro silicon lumps and ferrosilicon powders with different particle sizes and contents. The particle size specifications are 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-10mm, 10-50mm, 50-100mm, and can also be customized according to customer needs. As a ferrosilicon alloy manufacturer for direct shipment, our ferrosilicon alloy has a great price advantage, and there is no intermediate distributor, which saves you unnecessary expenses.

Ferro Silicon Market has Huge Demand Potential

1. Huge demand in the steel industry

The steel industry needs about 5 kilograms of ferro silicon for every ton of crude steel produced. The cost of ferrosilicon accounts for about 1% of the total cost of steel per ton. Although the fluctuation of the ferro silicon price will not have a significant impact on the cost of iron and steel enterprises, as the world’s steel demand continues to rise, the iron and steel industry The demand for ferrosilicon alloy products such as ferro silicon lumps and ferrosilicon powder is also increasing.

2. Magnesium smelting drives demand growth

The process of smelting metallic magnesium also requires the addition of ferro silicon, and 1 ton of metallic magnesium consumes about 1.3 tons of ferro silicon. The proportion of ferrosilicon in the production cost of magnesium per ton is close to 50%, so the ferrosilicon price will affect the input cost of smelting enterprises. In addition, magnesium has replaced aluminum alloy as an important raw material for auto parts, and its output will also enter a new stage of rapid growth.

3. China is an important ferrosilicon exporter

China is an important ferrosilicon exporter. ZX’s ferro silicon lumps and ferrosilicon powder are widely sold in Japan, the United States, South Korea, Belgium, India, Italy, Taiwan, and other places.

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