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silicon metal price in China market

Silicon Metal Powder

Silicon metal powder, also known as “industrial silicon powder”, is a finely ground material produced by carefully processing and refining silica. It possesses unique properties that make it an essential ingredient in the production of various iron alloys, including stainless steel, cast iron, and carbon steel. It is silver-gray in color and has metallic luster. …

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Ferro phosphorus manufacturer FeP2

What is Ferrophosphorus (FeP)?

Ferro phosphorus is obtained from electric phosphorus furnaces. It is a symbiotic compound containing 20-26% phosphorus and 0.1-6% silicon, which can change the corrosion resistance and chip properties of steel. Ferrophosphorus is used as an alloying agent in the steelmaking industry, and phosphate can also be produced by FeP. ZXferroalloy supplies ferrophosphorus in lump, powder, …

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ferro silicon price China market 2023 october

ZXferroalloy Eyes Weak Ferro Silicon Prices October 2023

Current Price of Ferrosilicon In October, ferrosilicon price was significantly down. First, the price of carbon fell, and the cost of ferrosilicon weakened. Second,  the production of ferrosilicon increased in early October. Third is the downstream steel mills to reduce production, steel pricing fell, even if there is Qinghai, Ningxia energy consumption related news, but …

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Calcium Silicon Cored Wire CaSi cored wire carbon alloy cored wire sulphur cored wire calcium cored wire manufacturer

Sulphur Cored Wire

What is Sulphur Cored Wire (S Cored Wire)? Sulphur cored wire is made of sulphur powder. Sulphur cored wire can adjust and control the sulfur content in molten steel or molten iron to obtain steel products or iron products with appropriate sulfur content. Sulfur is added to the molten steel to produce sulfur-containing easy-cutting steel. …

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