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Silicon carbide(silicon carbide block), also known as emery or refractory sand, has a chemical formula of SiC and is a very widely used inorganic substance. There are two types of silicon carbide obtained by industrial production, namely black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide.

Particle size rangeSiC(%)C(%)Fe2O3(%)
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Black Silicon Carbide

Black silicon carbide is produced by the reduction reaction of quartz sand and coke powder in a high-temperature environment. Its Mohs hardness is between 9.2-9.5, and its microhardness is 3300Kg/Cm3.

Material characteristics: The content of SiC in black silicon carbide is more than 95%, and its strength and toughness are greater than that of green silicon carbide, but its hardness is lower. Most of it is used to process materials with low tensile strength, such as ground cast iron, non-metallic materials, glass, ceramics, and stone. , Refractory materials and non-ferrous metals.

Material advantages: The hardness of black silicon carbide is between corundum and diamond. It has high mechanical strength, stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, good wear resistance, and certain electrical and thermal conductivity.

Green Silicon Carbide

silicon carbide granule
Silicon carbide granule
silicon carbide powder
Silicon carbide powder

Green silicon carbide is a non-metallic mineral produced by the reaction of quartz sand, petroleum coke, and sodium chloride under high-temperature conditions above 2000°C. The form of green silicon carbide is a green translucent crystal.

Material characteristics: The microhardness of green silicon carbide is between 3280-3400 kg/cm3, and it is mainly used for grinding hard gold-containing tools. Green silicon carbide can be used for consolidation and coating abrasive tools, free grinding, and polishing, etc. It is suitable for processing cast iron, cemented carbide, titanium alloy, high-speed steel, etc.

Material advantages: Green silicon carbide has the characteristics of high purity, high hardness, small expansion coefficient, brittleness, and good thermal conductivity.

The Particle Size of Silicon Carbide

Particle size rangeSiC(%)C(%)Fe2O3(%)

Silicon Carbide Production Process

Since the content of silicon carbide in nature is very small, the silicon carbide block is mostly industrially manufactured. The production of silicon carbide blocks uses quartz and petroleum coke as raw materials, and the raw materials are ground into a suitable particle size through processes such as grinding. After grinding the raw materials according to a certain ratio, they are put into an electric furnace for high-temperature heating to make a silicon carbide block. In order to adjust the gas permeability of the charge, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of wood chips during the smelting process, and an appropriate amount of salt is also required to prepare green silicon carbide.

The silicon carbide production equipment uses a dedicated silicon carbide electric furnace. The power of the electric furnace is turned on and the silicon carbide production is started. When the center of the furnace temperature reaches 2500℃~2700℃ and the charge temperature reaches 1450℃, the raw materials react to produce silicon carbide and release CO. When the charge temperature is ≥2600℃, the already produced SiC will be partially decomposed, but the decomposed Si will form SiC with the C in the charge.

Quality Silicon Carbide Manufacturer ZX

Silicon Carbide Material manufacturer Black Silicon Carbide SiC

As a professional alloy manufacturer, the silicon carbide for steelmaking produced by ZX is mainly used as a deoxidizer for steel production. It has the effects of increasing silicon, increasing carbon and deoxidizing, has a high specific gravity, is easy to enter the inside of molten steel, and the material itself has the advantages of low dust, low phosphorus, and low sulfur. Since the factory is located in a gathering place for raw materials and the price of silicon carbide has an absolute competitive advantage, ZX silicon carbide products are favored by major steel companies.

ZX has high-quality silicon carbide production technology and technical equipment, with a large annual output. It can produce a variety of silicon carbide block, silicon carbide micro powder, and silicon carbide ultrafine powder that meet various standards (Chinese standard GB, European standard FEPA, and Japanese standard JIS) silicon carbide products. Our products are exported to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. In addition, the company can also produce various specifications of silicon metal, high carbon silicon, silicon briquette, and other alloy products according to user needs. Welcome to consult the product information or visit the factory.

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