FeSiMg Ferro Silicon Magnesium Cored Wire

What is Ferro Silicon Magnesium Cored Wire?

Ferro silicon magnesium (FeSiMg) is composed of iron, silicon, and magnesium. It is used as a nodulizer in the production of cast iron. Ferro silicon magnesium cored wire is ferro silicon magnesium alloy processed into powder and wrapped with steel strip.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium
ferro silicon mangensium price

FeSiMg Composition

 Re %MgSiCaAl max

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Cored Wire Advantage

  • Ferro silicon cored wire has the following advantages when applied to the cast iron industry.
  • The molten steel is processed with stable reaction, avoiding secondary oxidation, fast floating rate of inclusions, and uniform purification.
  • The wire feeding method can avoid bringing gas into the molten iron.
  • The wire feeding method has strong adaptability, less one-time investment, small occupied area and wide application range.
  • The wire feeding method has simple equipment, easy operation and no environmental pollution.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Cored Wire Specification

FeSiMg WirePowder WeightSteel WeightDiameterSteel ThicknessCoil Weight
 220g/m170g/m13mm0.45mm1-2 ton

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Alloy Cored Wire Production

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Cored Wire Price

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Price

 September 6, 2023, the mainstream price of rare earth silicon 30# one-step method is 8000-8500 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of 30# two-step method is 12800-13200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of 23# two-step method is stable at 10500 -11,000 yuan/ton; the mainstream quotation of rare earth magnesium 3-8 is 8,500-9,800 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of 5-8 is 8,800-10,000 yuan/ton (cash includes tax). Magnesium ingots are quoted at 22,800-22,900 yuan/ton in cash including tax, and the transaction price is 22,700-22,800 yuan/ton in cash including tax.

Morning quotation of ferrosilicon 72#6800-7000, Ferrosilicon 75#7200-7400 yuan/ton cash natural block leaves the factory, standard block 72#6900-7100 yuan/ton leaves the factory, the price difference between big and small factories widens, the quotation is chaotic, and the market inquiry is relatively relatively Active, low-priced goods are hard to find, and hedging increases. Last week (8.28-9.3), the daily output of ferrosilicon was 14,925 tons, a decrease of 360 tons from the previous period. Follow-up attention will be paid to Hesteel’s pricing and electricity price settlement.

In the morning, the magnesium ingot factory quoted 23200-23300 yuan, up 300 yuan; the transaction price was 23100-23200 yuan, up 300 yuan. It is difficult to find lower prices, and some magnesium companies have reported that the current inventory of goods is basically sold out and is waiting for resumption of production. The decrease in market supply may be the reason why the holders are reluctant to sell at high prices. Recently, the prices offered by export customers are relatively low, which is slightly upside down compared with the quotations. Trading companies are still cautious in accepting orders. It is expected that the price of magnesium may remain firm in the near future.

At present, there is still a high degree of attention paid to irregular surprise inspections of environmental protection in some areas, which has an impact on the production of manufacturers. From the perspective of market inquiries and transactions, the activity among manufacturers of rare earth alloys is low, and the market is weak. However, the consumption of downstream foundries has decreased, coupled with the unstable market of raw materials, rare earth alloy manufacturers have a strong wait-and-see mentality, and their enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials is not high. At present, there is no other good news, and the rare earth alloy market may run weakly and steadily.

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