Ferrosilicon 75

What is Ferrosilicon 75?

Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy smelted in an electric furnace with silica, carbonaceous reducing agent, and steel shavings as raw materials. Ferrosilicon mainly includes Ferrosilicon 75, Ferrosilicon72, Ferrosilicon70, Ferrosilicon 45, Ferrosilicon 15, etc. according to its silicon content.

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The Specification of Ferro Silicon 75

GradeSi minC maxAl maxP maxS max
FeSi 75750.220.030.03

Ferro Silicon 75 Uses

Ferrosilicon 75 is widely used in the steel industry, foundry industry, and other industrial production.

Ferrosilicon is an Essential Deoxidizer in the Steelmaking Industry.

In the steel industry, ferrosilicon is used as a deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation. Ferrosilicon 75 is also used as an alloying agent in steelmaking.

Adding a certain amount of silicon to steel can significantly increase the strength, hardness, and elasticity of steel, increase the magnetic permeability of steel, and reduce the hysteresis loss of transformer steel.

General steel contains silicon 0.15%-0.35%, structural steel contains silicon 0.40%-1.75%, tool steel contains silicon 0.30%-1.80%, spring steel contains silicon 0.40%-2.80%, and stainless acid-resistant steel contains silicon Silicon 3.40% to 4.00%, heat-resistant steel contains 1.00% to 3.00% silicon, and silicon steel contains 2% to 3% silicon or higher.

FeSi75, Size: 10-60mm

Ferrosilicon 75 Used in the Production of Mg Ingot

Ferrosilicon 75 is mainly used in the production of magnesium ingot. FeSi75 Size: 10-60mm

Ferro Silicon 75 Used as An Inoculant In Foundry Industry

Ferrosilicon to cast iron can be used as an inoculant for ductile iron, and can prevent the formation of carbides, promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, and improve the performance of cast iron. FeSi 75 Size: 5-25mm

Ferro Silicon 75 is Used for the Production of Atomised FeSi Powder

Ferrosilicon 75 as raw material, produced the milled ferro silicon powder, or atomized ferro silicon powder. The ferrosilicon powder can be used as a suspension phase in the beneficiation industry and as a coating for welding rods in the electrode manufacturing industry.   

High-silicon ferrosilicon can be used to prepare semiconductor pure silicon in the electrical industry and can be used to manufacture silicone in the chemical industry.

In the steelmaking industry, about 3-5kg of 75% ferrosilicon is consumed for each ton of steel produced.

Ferro Silicon 75 Price on China Market

GradeFOB Tianjin
FeSi 751330-1370 usd

Ferrosilicon 75 prices are 7200-7300 yuan/ton (EXW)  and run stably for the time being. Although the futures market has fallen, the price of manufacturers is relatively stable. The downstream waits and sees the market, and the acceptance of high quotations is little.

Manufacturers: Last week (8.7-8.13), the daily output of ferrosilicon was 14,635 tons, an increase of 275 tons over the previous period. This week, Ningxia Zhongwei Shengjin resumed production, Zhengneng resumed production of 1 unit, TEDA plans to resume production of 1 unit, and Shouheng plans to resume production of 1 unit.

In general: the futures market is falling. At present, there is not much difference between receiving goods from the market price and purchasing from the manufacturer. The price of the manufacturer is relatively stable. There are more furnaces that have resumed production in the near future. In the short term, the market will be stable and slightly adjusted.

Ferro Silicon 75 Production Process

ferro silicon production 
ferro silicon 75
ferrosilicon 75 production process
  • Ferro Silicon 75 raw materials: silica, semi-coke, steel scrap.
  • Reduction: First is the reduction process. In this, silica (SiO2) is mixed with iron ore (Fe2O3), and coke is used as a reducing agent. The silicon and iron ores are reduced to produce Si (silicon) and Fe (iron). Carbon monoxide is the primary byproduct of this stage.
  • Refinement: After the reduction, you will get crude ferrosilicon, which needs to be further refined. This refinement process gets rid of any impurities and ensures that the ferrosilicon contains exactly 75% silicon (in the Ferro Silicon 75 variant). Refining also includes cooling and breaking the ferrosilicon into the proper size for packaging and shipping.
  • The furnace used in the production of ferrosilicon is usually an electric arc furnace. The overall process results in ferrosilicon that’s used as a source of silicon to lower production costs and control the content of other elements in the process of smelting iron and steel.

It should be noted that safety precautions should always be taken when producing ferrosilicon, as the process not only requires work with high temperatures and potential air pollutants but also can be dangerous if mishandled.

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