Ferro Silicon Magnesium Manufacturing Process

Ferro silicon magnesium ( FeSiMg) nodulizer is an indispensable material in the process of producing nodular cast iron. The quality of ferro silicon magnesium can directly affect the quality of nodular cast iron. Therefore, a reasonable selection of ferro silicon magnesium preparation process and ferro silicon magnesium elements is essential for high-quality nodular Cast iron production is very important.

ferro silicon magnesium FeSiMg

FeSiMg Composition

FeSiMg specification

Pour the original nodulizer precursor slurry containing the ferrosilicon alloy inoculant into the mold, place it in a tubular atmosphere furnace, pass it into the argon gas protection, raise the temperature twice to 1600-1800°C, heat preservation and calcination, and then cool The original ferro silicon magnesium containing the inoculant is obtained, and then the galvanized powder is evenly sprinkled on the original ferro silicon magnesium, and then the low-magnesium ferro silicon magnesium is obtained by heating and calcining and cooling and demolding.

Although this method solves the problem of poor spheroidization treatment caused by excessive Mg content, the metallurgical method is complicated, the cost of repeated calcination is too high and it is not environmentally friendly.

In the preparation process, an intermediate frequency induction furnace is used for smelting. The metallurgical process is complex, energy consumption is high, and the Si content is too much, so it is impossible to prepare low-Si or Si-free ferro silicon magnesium. From the analysis of the above two points, it can be seen that there is an urgent need for a comprehensive master alloy containing Mg, which can be used as a ferro silicon magnesium with low cost and high efficiency, and at the same time, this type of alloy can also easily control the content of Si.

The Production Process of Ferro Silicon Magnesium

This article introduces a ferro silicon nodulizer and its preparation method to solve the above technical problems.

  • Raw materials: magnesium shavings, steel shavings;
  • Grinding magnesium chips and steel chips to obtain magnesium powder and iron powder, and uniformly mixing the magnesium powder and iron powder to obtain a mixture. Among them, the length and width of magnesium powder and iron powder are not more than 10mm, and the thickness is not more than 2mm.
  • The mixture is plastically deformed and heat-treated during the plastic deformation to obtain a Mg-Fe-based spheroidizer, wherein the pressure range of the plastic deformation is 10-30Mpa, and the heating temperature range is 25°C-200°C ℃.
  • It is processed into cylindrical, conical, triangular, polygonal, polygonal, square, elliptical, triangular, star, spherical, semi- Round shapes, human shape, petal shapes, or various animal shapes.
  • Rare earth, manganese, calcium, barium, and other additives are added to the iron powder.
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Optionally, the raw material for preparing the ferro silicon magnesium nodulizer comprises by mass percentage: the proportion of magnesium filings is 30%-80%, and the proportion of iron filings or steel filings is 10-70%. The ratio of the rare earth element Re is 1%-10%. The proportion of Ba is 0.1%-5%, the proportion of Ca is 0.1%-7%, the proportion of Si is 1%-8%, and the proportion of Mn is 0.1%-5%. The proportion of Ni is 0.1%-8%, the proportion of Ti is 0.1%-8%, and the proportion of B is 0.1%-8%.
Magnesium chips can choose industrial magnesium, AZ31, AZ61, or AZ91.
Steel shavings are derived from industrial wastes containing iron or steel.
The density of the alloy is adjusted by controlling the amount of the alloy added, avoiding the influence of foreign impurities caused by the introduction of other binders, and the “powdering” or fragility of Mg-Fe-based nodularizers during transportation and storage, etc. The disadvantage is that its production process is simple.

The Advantages of This FeSiMg Production Method

Using this method to produce Ferro silicon magnesium can be heated during the plastic deformation process. According to the adjustment of deformation pressure and deformation temperature, metal films with different thicknesses and different corrugated shapes are formed between Mg and Fe. to the bonding between metal elements. The production of ferro silicon magnesium in this way avoids the influence of foreign impurities caused by the introduction of other binders, the deficiencies such as “powdering” or fragility of ferro silicon magnesium nodularizers during transportation and storage, and Its production process is simple.

Producing ferro silicon magnesium in this way can add a proper amount of rare earth elements or other trace metal elements during the molding process. In addition to the spheroidizing effect of ferro silicon magnesium, it also increases the functions of rare earth element desulfurization, slagging and purification, so that the application range of ferro silicon magnesium is wider and the use effect is higher.

The raw materials used in the production of ferro silicon magnesium in this production method are mostly secondary utilization resources, which belong to the scope of industrial waste, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good economic benefits, and saves the raw material cost of nodulizers.
In the production of ferro silicon magnesium in this way, because of its simple plastic processing process in the preparation process, many finished products can be produced at one time, which not only improves the efficiency but also reduces the consumption of raw materials and saves costs.
Ferro silicon magnesium is the most effective nodulizer, but it is difficult to add rare earth elements to it. This method is combined and the content of Si can be easily adjusted.

The magnesium and iron master alloy of the present invention can be arbitrarily changed in shape according to the needs of customers through its plastic deformation mode.
Shape and multiple products can be produced at the same time at one time, with a high preparation effect and a wide range of product applications.

The above-mentioned embodiments only illustrate the principle of the present invention and its effects but are not intended to limit the present invention.
Various modifications and variations can be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention. Such modifications and variations are within the scope defined by the appended claims.

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