Ferro Silicon Magnesium

Ferro silicon magnesium is a nodulizer that contains spheroidal graphite-forming elements such as Mg, Re, Ca, etc.

ferro silicon magnesium for sale
ferro silicon magnesium for sale
ferrosilicon magnesium nodulizer
ferrosilicon magnesium nodulizer

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Specification

FeSiMg %ReMgCaSiMnTi
Ferro silicon magnesium specification

Ferro Silicon Magnesium for Sale

Name: Rare earth ferro silicon magnesium alloy

Uses: Casting and steelmaking

Type: Nodulizer/Spheroidizing agent

Chemical composition: Mg, Re, Si, Ca, Fe, etc.

Particle size: The standard particle size of ferro silicon magnesium is 5-25mm, 10-30mm. ZXferroalloy as a leading manufacturer of FeSiMg alloy can supply various particle sizes to customers’ requirements.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Manufacturer

ferro silicon magnesium supplier

Why Choose ZX Ferro Silicon Magnesium?

  • Customized chemical composition: As a manufacturer of ferro silicon magnesium, ZXferroalloy has professional technicians who can produce different contents of products according to customers’ requirements. Re: 0.5-20%, Mg: 5-10%.
  • Fast delivery: The annual output of ZXferroalloy is 6000 tons, and orders of less than 100 tons can be produced within 7 days.
  • Customization services: Granularity customization, packaging customization, shipping mark customization.
  • Factory price: Factory direct sales, prices absolutely.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Uses

Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy is one of the main raw materials of the iron and steel industry. 

  • Ferro silicon magnesium is a cast iron spheroidizing agent, and inoculant.  Rare earth magnesium ferrosilicon alloy, also known as magnesium alloy spherodizing agent, has a strong deoxidation, and desulfurization effect. Ferro silicon magnesium is widely used in the production of SG iron and grey iron casting for the automobile industry.
  • Ferro silicon magnesium alloy is used in steelmaking or cast iron industry, for refining, deoxidation, denaturation, removing harmful impurities (Pb, arsenic, etc.) with a low melting points, as well as solid solution alloying, forming new metal compounds and so on, so as to purify steel.

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