Pure Calcium Metal

Pure Calcium Metal Product Introduction

Calcium is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Ca and atomic number 20. As an alkaline earth metal, calcium is very active and forms black nitride and nitride layers when exposed to air. Calcium metal is a silver-white metal. It is mainly used as deoxidizer, decarburizer and desulfurizer in the production of alloy steel and special steel. It is also used as a reducing agent in high purity rare earth metal processes.

Pure Calcium Metal Manufacture Method

The production methods of calcium metal include electrolysis and reduction.

  1. Electrolysis method: Put the dried anhydrous calcium chloride into the electrolytic cell, melt the raw materials next to the anode in the electrolytic cell with oxyacetylene flame spray, that is, open the cooling water, put the cathode down, contact the surface of the liquid material, and pass the current. The molten liquid flows to the cathode to close the circuit. After most of the raw material is melted, continue to add new material until the temperature is normal. Metal calcium is deposited on the cathode, to be knocked down metal calcium into the oil, the cathode then contact the electrolyte surface, maintain the temperature of the electrolytic cell, should be added one after another. The chlorine gas escapes from the anode and is recycled.
  2. Reduction method: limestone is usually used as raw material, calcined into calcium oxide, aluminum powder as a reducing agent, crushed and mixed in proportion, pressed into blocks, reaction under vacuum and temperature, calcium vapor and calcium aluminate are generated, reduced into crystalline calcium, and calcium ingots are obtained by melting casting.

Pure Calcium Metal Purpose

Calcium metal is used as a deoxidizer for alloys, a reducing agent for high-quality metal smelting, a desulfurizer and decarburizer for iron and iron alloys, a particle size adjustment agent for special steels, and a cleaning agent for magnesium casting surfaces. Used in the manufacture of bearing alloys, oil dehydrating agent. It is A raw material for the production of vitamin A and the manufacture of calcium hydride. It is also used to make batteries, alloy electrodes, and so on.

Pure Calcium Metal Specification

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Pure Calcium Metal Size

  • 20-80mm Irregular nature block
  • 20-100mm Irregular nature block
  • 20-150mm Irregular nature block
  • 50-200mm Irregular nature block
  • Specific size acceptable upon request
  • Calcium metal cored wire: 9-10 mm
  • Calcium metal powder: 0-3mm

Pure Calcium Metal Production Capacity

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We offer 98.5% Pure Calcium Metal in block, granular, powdered form. As the leading ferroalloy material supplier in China, our metal calcium supply capacity can reach 3000 tons per month. Specifications and sizes can be customized according to your requirements.

Pure Calcium Metal Export Operation Process

  • Booking order (in addition to the shipper and consignee information, the most important thing to describe clearly the gross weight, net weight, and packaging form of each piece).
  • English MSDS (the shipping company will focus on the physical and chemical characteristics and transportation items, which qualifies the shipping company to naturally know how to do emergency treatment when an accident occurs in transportation).
  • Hazardous package certificate (A hazardous package certificate submitted to the shipping company is mainly to check whether the packaging of our corresponding product meets the requirements of transporting our product).
  • Dangerous goods declaration, according to the requirements of different shipping companies and shipping agents, in accordance with the latest declaration before the preparation of the declaration can be submitted.
  • Prepare packing. When packing calcium metal, pay more attention to vibration, high temperature, friction, impact, etc.
  • Customs clearance. Customs declaration, FP, etc.

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