Widely Used Calcium Granular in Various Fields

Metal calcium granulars(calcium lumps) are processed from metal calcium. In the iron and steel industry, metal calcium granulars are made into calcium iron alloy wire or pure calcium wire. They are finally used in out-of-furnace refining of steel, and their function is to desulfurize, deoxidize, increase the fluidity of molten steel, and promote the rapid rise of inclusions in molten steel, especially for the production of high-quality steel.

Metal calcium lumps can be used as a dehydrating agent in the manufacture of anhydrous alcohol. In the petroleum industry, it is used as a desulfurized, and in the metallurgical industry, it is used as a deoxidizer and desulfurized.

Widely Used Calcium Granular

Calcium powder is to grind calcium granulars into powder. It is also widely used in various fields. Next, I’ll list several major industries for you.

Rubber Industry

Calcium powder for rubber (400 mesh, whiteness: 93%, calcium content: 96%). Calcium powder is one of the largest fillers used in the rubber industry. A large amount of calcium powder is filled in rubber, which can increase the volume of its products and save expensive natural rubber, thereby greatly reducing costs. Calcium powder filled into rubber can obtain higher tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance than pure rubber sulfide.

Calcium Powder for Plastic Industry

Calcium powder can play a skeleton role in plastic products, which has a great effect on the dimensional stability of plastic products and can also improve the hardness of products, and improve the surface gloss and surface smoothness of products. Since the whiteness of calcium carbonate is above 90, it can also replace expensive white pigments.

Calcium Powder for Paint Industry

Calcium Powder for Paint Industry

Calcium powder 800 mesh or 1000 mesh for paint and latex paint, whiteness 95%, calcium carbonate 96%. The amount of calcium powder in the paint industry is also large, for example, the amount in thick paint is more than 30%.

Calcium Powder for Water-based Paint Industry

Calcium powder for water-based paint 800 mesh or 1000 mesh, whiteness 95%, calcium powder 96%. Calcium powder is more widely used in the water-based paint industry, which can make the paint not settle, easy to disperse, good gloss, and other characteristics. The dosage in the water-based paint is 20-60%.

Calcium for Paper Industry

Calcium for Paper Industry

Heavy calcium powder for papermaking 325 mesh, whiteness requirement 95%, calcium powder content 98%. Calcium powder plays an important role in the paper industry, which can ensure the strength and whiteness of the paper, and the cost is low.

Calcium Powder for Construction Industry (Dry Mortar, Concrete)

Calcium powder 325 mesh for dry powder mortar, whiteness requirement 95%, calcium powder content 98%. Calcium powder plays an important role in concrete in the construction industry. Not only can the production cost be reduced, but also the toughness and strength of the product can be increased.

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