What is Ferro Titanium Cored Wire?

What is Ferro Titanium Cored Wire?

Ferro-titanium cored wire is made by crushing ferro-titanium alloy into powder and wrapping it with steel strips.

ferro titanium cored wire

The Specification of Ferro Titanium Cored Wire

Product NameFerro Titanium Cored Wire
Chemical CompositionTi: 70% min
Wire Diameter13 mm
Strip thickness0.4 mm
Powder Weight540g/m

The Uses of Ferrotitanium Cored Wire

Ferrotitanium is used as deoxidizer, degassing agent and carbon-sulfur stabilizer in steelmaking. Using titanium for deoxidation can reduce segregation in the upper part of the steel ingot, improve the quality of the steel and increase the yield of the steel ingot. Titanium and nitrogen dissolved in the molten steel can be combined to form stable titanium nitride, which can eliminate the adverse effects of nitrogen on the properties of steel. The titanium element and the sulfur in the molten steel form titanium sulfide, which can lead to the formation of hot embrittlement.

Titanium and carbon form stable titanium carbide. The particles of titanium carbide can prevent the steel grains from growing, refine the structure of the steel, and increase the strength of the steel. The chemical affinity between titanium and carbon is greater than that between chromium and carbon. Adding ferrotitanium to stainless steel to fix carbon can avoid corrosion of chromium at the grain boundaries of stainless steel and improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

In recent years, ferrotitanium has been used as a microalloying element to produce high-strength low-alloy steel. Adding ferrotitanium to cast iron helps to generate fine-grained graphite, and also has the functions of degassing, incubating, purifying and refining the structure of the casting, and improving the wear resistance of the casting. Adding titanium to heat-resistant cast iron can improve the heat resistance of cast iron parts.

Ferro titanium cored wire is mainly used for the micro-alloying treatment of high-grade pipeline steels such as X70 and Qualification rate of molten steel; titanium has a strong nitrogen-fixing effect, and can also improve the strength of steel and give the steel good low-temperature toughness. Core-covered wires with different titanium contents can be used according to different requirements.

The Prices of Ferro Titanium Cored Wire

After the Spring Festival, the high ferro titanium cored wire maintained a high and strong operation under the support of raw material high-titanium iron powder. At present, the mainstream market quotation of 70 ferrotitanium cored wire in Liaoning is 28,500-31,300 yuan/ton; the mainstream market quotation in Henan is 27,300-30,300 yuan/ton (cash price including tax).

At present, most of the titanium cored wire processing factories are still delivering long-term orders in the early stage, and new orders are slow to enter the market. According to a conservative estimate from the person in charge of a certain titanium ferrite wire factory, the market may remain stable in recent months.

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