What Are The Differences Between Calcium Cored Wire and Calcium Wire?

What are the Calcium Wire and Calcium Cored Wire?

In China market, manufacturers believe that calcium wire is pure calcium metal in wire shape. The calcium cored wire is calcium wire wrapped with a layer of steel.

calcium cored wire
calcium wire

The Specification of Calcium Wire.

Ca98.5% min
PackagingPacking in steel drums with polybags filled argon gas.

The Specification of Calcium Cored Wire

Ca98.5% min
PackagingPacking in a steel cage on a wooden pallet

The Uses of Calcium Cored Wire

Calcium metal, as a very active metal, is a powerful reducing agent. Its main uses include: deoxidation, desulfurization and degassing in steelmaking and cast iron; deoxidation in the production of metals such as chromium, niobium, samarium, thorium, titanium, uranium and vanadium. As an alloy substance used in the lead industry to produce maintenance-free automotive batteries, calcium-lead alloys can increase strength and improve corrosion and creep resistance; As a deoxidizing reducing agent in various non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals and refractory metals; as an alloying agent (blending agent) in the production of aluminum, beryllium, copper, lead, magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys; As a deoxidizer in the production of high-purity steel and non-ferrous alloys; in the removal of bismuth in the lead smelting industry and lead alloys; and other uses.

Production Method of Calcium Metal

There are two production methods for metallic calcium. One is metallic calcium produced by electrolysis. Its purity is generally above 98.5%. After further sublimation, it can reach a purity of above 99.5%. The other is metallic calcium produced by the thermite method (also called the skin slurry method). Its purity is generally around 97%. After further sublimation, the purity can be improved to a certain extent. However, the content of some impurities such as magnesium and aluminum is higher than that of electrolytic calcium metal. In terms of physical properties, electrolytic calcium metal is relatively soft, easier to process, and has a higher recovery rate; while thermite calcium metal is relatively hard, and the loss during the processing of finished products is relatively large.

Advantages of Calcium Cored Wire

  • The yield rate of calcium element is increased. After feeding the solid pure calcium cored wire developed by our factory, the yield rate of calcium for low-carbon low-silicon steel represented by SPHC reaches an average of more than 15%. The usage efficiency of calcium is about 52% higher than that of calcium silicon cored wire.
  • The cost is significantly reduced. The feeding weight of solid core pure calcium cored wire per ton of steel is only about 38% of that of calcium silicon cored wire.
  • More conducive to pure steel production.
  • Reduce and eliminate nozzle clogging of continuous casting steel.
  • Reduces work intensity

Technical Standards and Functions of Calcium Cored Wire

Use self-made pure calcium cored wire with specifications of ¢7.5-¢7.8mm as the core material of the cored wire.

Cold-rolled bright steel strip is used. Compared with calcium-iron cored wire, the steel strip is thicker to cover the pure calcium cored wire. The diameter of the solid pure calcium cored wire is ∮9.5±0.5mm.

The calcium cored wire has uniform wire diameter, high tensile strength, good toughness, and is not easy to break, which is more conducive to accurate control of the wire feeding amount.

It can be applied to steel types refining calcium silicate cored wire and calcium iron cored wire, and the calcium yield is increased by more than 52%.

Using existing wire feeding equipment, a deeper molten steel feeding depth can be achieved at a lower wire feeding speed, the wire feeding amount is easy to accurately control, and the wire feeding process is stable.

The calcium cored wire is dense and tightly wrapped, which can be stored for a longer period of time and ensure the effectiveness of use.

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