Sulphur Cored Wire

What is Sulphur Cored Wire (S Cored Wire)?

Sulphur cored wire is made of sulphur powder. Sulphur cored wire can adjust and control the sulfur content in molten steel or molten iron to obtain steel products or iron products with appropriate sulfur content. Sulfur is added to the molten steel to produce sulfur-containing easy-cutting steel.

sulphur cored wire

Specification of Sulphur Cored Wire

 S minPowder weightSteelthicknessSteel thicknessDiameter
Sulphur Cored Wire99%160g/m0.4mm330g/m13mm

The Uses of Sulphur Cored Wire

The sulfur recovery rate can reach more than 80%. Adding sulfur to stainless steel molten steel is beneficial to improving the cutting performance of finished steel products, changing the morphology of sulfide inclusions, and improving processability.

The Current Price of Sulphur Cored Wire

S:98% min


Powder:- 200(+/-10) GMS/MTR

FOB Tianjin 731USD/T for reference, contact and get the current price of sulphur cored wire

Sulphur Cored Wire for Sale

Packaging: Vertical or horizontal with PVC wrapping in a steel cage, and on steel or wooden pallet.

Quantity: 1ton/coil or customized as your requirement.

Delivery time: 7-14days

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