Silicon Metal Powder

What is Silicon Metal Powder?

Silicon metal powder is a powdery silicon powder obtained by grinding metal silicon (industrial silicon) and is a material commonly used in the metallurgical and chemical industries.

Characteristics of Silicon Metal Powder

  1. High chemical stability: metal silicon powder is a very stable material, and it is not easy to react with other materials at room temperature.
  2. Good high temperature resistance: metal silicon powder has excellent high temperature resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 1500℃.
  3. Good electrical properties: metal silicon powder is an excellent insulating material with excellent electrical properties and can be used to make electronic components.
  4. Good thermal conductivity: Metal silicon powder has high thermal conductivity and can be used to make heat sinks and other heat dissipation devices.
  5. High chemical inertness: metal silicon powder does not react with almost all chemical substances, so it has good chemical inertness.
  6. High mechanical strength: Metal silicon powder has high mechanical strength and can be used to make various wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

The Production Process of Silicon Metal Powder

  1. Silicon ingot pretreatment: break the silicon ingot into particles of appropriate size, and then undergo pickling, rinsing, etc. to remove surface impurities and oxides;
  2. Preparation of silicon powder: put the pretreated silicon ingot particles into the reaction kettle, add an appropriate amount of hydrogen, heat to high temperature and high pressure for gas phase chemical reaction, and obtain metal silicon powder;
  3. Silicon powder classification: classify the obtained metal silicon powder to obtain silicon powder products in different particle size ranges;
  4. Post-treatment of silicon powder: dry and sieve the classified silicon powder to remove impurities and unreacted silicon ingots and other residues, and finally obtain qualified metal silicon powder products.

In the specific production process, it is also necessary to monitor and control the reaction parameters, such as temperature, gas flow, reaction time, etc., to ensure that the quality of silicon powder meets the product specifications.

The Uses of Silicon Metal Powder

Metal silicon powder has a wide range of functions and can be used in all aspects of the metallurgy and chemical industry.

Putting metal silicon powder into the ladle can reduce impurities in molten steel and improve the purity and quality of steel; Adding it as a modifier to casting can promote lattice refinement, improve the physical and mechanical properties of the alloy, and increase the hardenability of the alloy; Metal silicon powder is used in the electronics industry and can be used as a raw material for the production of semiconductor silicon wafers. Its quality directly determines the quality of semiconductor devices and the performance of transistors.

In addition, in the metallurgical industry, metal silicon powder can also play the role of deoxidation, desulfurization, and decarburization, to ensure the quality and composition of steel materials. In short, metal silicon powder has many excellent properties and characteristics, and is widely used in various fields.

Distinguish Between Silicon Metal Powder and Silicon Powder

Metal silicon and silicon powder are very different.

What we usually call silica fume refers to micro silica fume, the scientific name “silicon fume”, 90% of the total soot, and the particle size is very small, so it is called silica fume. It is the smoke produced by industrial electric furnaces during the high-temperature melting process of industrial silicon and ferrosilicon and waste gas and is collected and processed by special trapping devices.

The metal silicon powder is a powdery silicon powder made of metal silicon (industrial silicon) after grinding. The main component of metal silicon powder is crystalline silicon (Si).

The chemical composition of the two is very different, and the price of metal silicon powder is also higher than that of silicon powder.

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