Silicon Metal 441

What is Silicon Metal 441?

Silicon metal is high-purity silicon, also known as industrial silicon or crystalline silicon. It is silver-gray crystalline, hard, and brittle, with a high melting point, good heat resistance, high resistivity, and high oxidation resistance.

The silicon metal in lumps: The general particle size is 10 ~ 100mm or customized as required.

The silicon metal in powder: 200mesh, 325mesh, or customized as required.

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Silicon metal 441 specifications

Silicon metal is made of silicon ore (the main component of silicon dioxide), charcoal, coal, petroleum coke, and other carbonaceous reducing agents, after high-temperature reduction reaction, its impurities are mainly iron, aluminum, calcium, and so on. According to the content of iron, aluminum, and calcium, it can be divided into 553, 441, 3303, 2202, and other different brands. Taking silicon metal 441 as an example, the following are its specifications.

Product gradesChemical compositionChemical compositionChemical compositionChemical composition
 Si content(%)Fe(%)Al(%)Ca(%)
silicon metal 441 chemical composition

Production Process of Silicon Metal 441

Silicon metal is generally produced by carbothermal process. The raw material silicon dioxide and reducing agents charcoal, petroleum coke, etc. are sent into a high temperature electric furnace for smelting, silicon dioxide and various reducing agents are reduced under high temperature heating, and silicon metal is obtained, the chemical formula is as follows: SiO2+C=Si+CO2

The Uses of Silicon Metal 441

The raw material quality of silicon metal production determines the purity of silicon metal, and different grades of silicon metal are generated. Silicon metal 441 is a low-grade silicon metal compared to silicon metal 3303. For applications with purity requirements of more than 99%, silicon metal 441 meets the production needs at the same time, with more price advantages. The uses of silicon metal 441 are:

  • Silicon metal 441, as an aluminum/iron alloy additive, can be alloyed with other metals to improve its metal properties, mainly including: silicon aluminum alloy, silicon copper alloy, silicon iron alloy, silicon manganese alloy, etc.
  • Silicon metal 441 is used as metallurgical grade polysilicon for material production in automotive, machinery, construction and other industries.

Silicon metal 441 price

After nearly half a year of decline, silicon metal 441 finally showed a significant upward trend recently, mainly because of the shortage of some supplies, and the rise in production costs caused by the rise in the price of raw materials required for the production of silicon metal 441. Later, the price is predicted to maintain the rebound trend.

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