Nitrided Manganese

Manganese Nitride is a High-temperature pretreatment to Manganese products, makes nitride seep into Manganese products, manganese, and nitride can replace Nickel in stainless steel. This product is used for smelting Special steel or stainless steel, to improving strength、Creep stress and corrosion resistance。

nitrided manganese nitrided ferro manganese   powder
nitrided manganese ball

Properties of manganese nitride

Manganese nitride Produced by the reaction of manganese powder and nitrogen. Manganese is a Manganese and nitrogen compound, the chemical formula is MnN, it is also slowly broken down by water and dissolved in non-oxidizing dilute acid to form ammonium salt. Manganese nitride is mainly used as a nitrogen additive in steelmaking production, which can improve the strength of steel.

Application field of manganese nitride

steel manufacturer

Manganese nitride used to produce High-strength steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant steel.As an additive to replace part of nickel to reduce production costs.For the production of special alloy steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel, and heat-resistant steel products. It can be used as an additive in steel making so that the steel has excellent properties such as strength, toughness, and creep resistance. Used in the field of high nitrogen steel smelting.

Aerospace industry

Manganese nitride sheets are used as wear-resistant materials for turbine blades and components due to their high temperature and pressure resistance.

Automobile industry

Manganese nitride powder is used in high-performance batteries for electric vehicles due to its high energy density.

chemical industry

Manganese nitride flakes are used as reinforcement in concrete and building materials, providing strength and durability.

Construction industry
Manganese nitride sheets are used as reinforcement materials for concrete and building materials to provide strength and durability.

Chemical composition of manganese nitride

 Mn (min)CSi (max)S (max)P (max)N

Production process of manganese nitride

Electric furnace method: The electric furnace method is a production method of high nitride manganese in reduction in electricity of Low stack furnace using electricity as a heat source, and coke as a reducing agent. Reduction smelting of Ferro Manganese has a solvent method and a Solvent-free method. The theory of the Solvent method is common with the blast furnace smelting method, which replaces coke for heating with electricity. By adding lime formation of high alkalinity slag(CaO/SiO2 is 1.3-1.6) to reduce manganese loss.

Solvent-free method not adding lime formation of low alkalinity(CaO/SiO2) less than 1.0)、Low-iron, low-phosphorus, and manganese-rich slag with high manganese content. this method has less slag, which can reduce Power consumption, can reduce Manganese evaporation, at the same time The by-product manganese-rich slag (content 25%-40%)can be used as raw material for smelting manganese-silicon alloys and achieve higher comprehensive recovery rate of manganese(more than 90%) loss due to low slag temperature.

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