Manganese Briquettes

Manganese metal is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, high manganese steel, heat-resistant steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metal alloys (cu, al alloys, etc.), raw materials for the production of soft magnetic materials (high-purity mnco3, mn3co4), welding electrode coating etc.

Manganese metal mainly has four forms: manganese metal lumpsmanganese metal flakes, metal manganese powder, and manganese metal briquettes.

Specification of Manganese Briquettes

Manganese Briquette 9595% min0.1% max0.05% max0.05% max0.08% max
Manganese Briquette 9696% min0.1% max0.05% max0.05% max0.08% max
Manganese Briquette 9797% min0.1% max0.05% max0.05% max0.08% max
chemical composition of manganese metal briquettes

Manganese Metal Briquettes for Sale

manganese metal briquettes
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manganese briquettes
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Particle Size: 10-50mm (peach shape).  25*35*55mm (pillow shape)

MOQ: 25tons

Delivery Time: 10-15 Days

Port: Tianjin

Usage: Steelmaking

Brand: Zhenxin

The Advantages of Manganese Briquettes

 1. Manganese flakes, manganese grains, and manganese powder have slow settling velocity in molten steel, and they are suspended on the surface of molten steel for a long time, causing serious burning loss and low yield. Manganese metal briquettes will not float on the surface of molten steel, and the burning loss rate is low.

2. Because of its uneven particle size and irregular surface, manganese metal lumps reacts unevenly. The chemical content and size of metal manganese metal briquettes are uniform, and the addition amount can be accurately controlled.

The Production Process of Manganese Briquettes

  • The appropriate amount of manganese content is 99.5% 99.7% low-carbon (≤0.03%) low-sulfur (≤0.03%) electrolytic metal manganese flakes are rolled into powder, and passed through a 20-40 mesh standard sieve.
  • Add 3 to 5 kg of inorganic binders that do not contain elements such as S, P, and C (accounting for 3% to 5% by weight), control the Si content < 0.5%, and stir quickly in a bowl mixer for 30 to 50 seconds , to obtain the mixture, the spare mixture is molded into a compact within 20 to 30 minutes, and the shape of the compact is a double ball table cylinder or the geometric size is 25*35*55mm.
  • The compact obtained in step (3) is placed in a baking room equipped with a fan and a circulation exhaust fan within 5-6 hours, and baked under a temperature environment of 180-200° C. for 6-8 hours to obtain a maximum crushing force of 1.5KN. Carbon manganese balls.
  • Put the obtained dry manganese metal block into the capsule-shaped special stainless steel tank, and send it into the horizontal vacuum sintering furnace.

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