Ferro Silicon Magnesium Manufacturing Process

Ferro silicon magnesium nodulizer is the raw material for producing nodular cast iron. The quality of nodularizer directly affects the quality of nodular cast iron, such as the nodularity rate of castings and the size of graphite balls. The nodulizer produced by our company has high purity, low MgO content, dense alloy structure, no air shrinkage cavity, and uniform particle size distribution.

The Specification of Ferro Silicon Magnesium

The chemical composition of ferro silicon magnesium
ferro silicon magnesium FeSiMg

At present, the commonly used nodulizers in the industry are ferrosilicon rare earth magnesium alloys, and the silicon content is generally about 40-45%. The commonly used production method for alloys is the secondary remelting method, which adopts the form of submerged arc furnace and intermediate frequency (power frequency) electric furnace dual smelting pressure plus magnesium. The silicon content of the silicon is more than 75%, and then poured into the intermediate frequency (power frequency) furnace, adding rare earth silicon, ferrosilicon, silicon calcium, scrap steel and other additives to adjust the composition, and the purpose of adding scrap steel is to improve the magnetic permeability in the furnace Yes, increasing the melting speed can also increase the content of other components and reduce the content of silicon. During this period, due to the addition of a large amount of scrap steel, the melting temperature is lowered. It is necessary to adjust the temperature of the intermediate frequency (power frequency) furnace. After the adjustment is stabilized,

Ferro Silicon Magnesium Manufacturing Process

Magnesium pressing is carried out by special equipment, and magnesium ingots are pressed into molten iron, and nodulizers are finally produced.

In order to satisfy the production of nodular cast iron with a silicon content of about 2.0%, it is necessary to increase the silicon content of the spheroidizing agent to more than 65%, and improve the production process of the original medium and low silicon spheroidizing agent to produce high-silicon balls Chemical agent, its technical problem to be solved is:

Reduce the addition of scrap steel, retain more than 75% of the silicon content of the original ferrosilicon alloy liquid, but the magnetic conductivity in the intermediate frequency (power frequency) furnace is reduced, and the melting speed is reduced;

After the melting speed is reduced, the intermediate frequency (power frequency) will heat up for melting, which will increase energy consumption.

During the processing of magnesium pressing, the fast speed of pressing magnesium will cause splashing, so usually the speed of pressing magnesium is relatively slow. Due to the high melting point of magnesium, the slow speed will cause magnesium to quickly generate magnesium-containing steam and disperse, reducing the smelting of effective magnesium, and Exposure to air for a long time, magnesium reacts to generate a high amount of magnesium oxide, which in turn reduces the smelting of effective magnesium and affects the content of magnesium in the nodulizer.

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Magnesium

Ferro Silicon Magnesium manufacturer in China ZXferroalloy

The desulfurization and deoxidation process of Mg, Re, Ca and other elements in the nodulizer. When the active elements such as S and O in the molten iron are reduced to a certain extent, the remaining spheroidizing elements can play a spheroidizing role, making graphite precipitate in a spherical shape. In the use of nodulizers, the residual amount of Mg has the most significant effect on the nodularization rate.

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