Ferro Silicon Cored Wire

Alloy cored wire is mainly used in steelmaking. The most popular used alloy cored wire are calcium silicon cored wire, calcium cored wire, calcium iron cored wire, ferro silicon magnesium cored wire, and carbon cored wire. ZXferroalloy is a manufacturer of alloy cored wire, we supply various alloy cored wire, and today introduce ferro silicon cored wire.

Ferro silicon cored wire, as the name shows, is made by crushing ferrosilicon alloy into ferrosilicon powder and then wrapping it with steel strips to make ferro silicon cored wire.

The Specification of Ferro Silicon Cored Wire

ModelChemical Composition%Core wire diameter
Powder weight
Wire corded Weight(g/m)
Ferro silicon Corded wire67-702-2.50.01-0.030.15 – 0.20.04-0.050-3 mm13280   425

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Cored Wire

The uses of ferrosilicon cored wire are the same as ferrosilicon.

Since silicon and oxygen can easily combine to form silica, ferrosilicon cored wire is often used as deoxidizers in steelmaking. At the same time, because SiO2 releases a large amount of heat when it is generated, it increases the temperature of the molten steel while deoxidizing.

Ferrosilicon cored wire can also be used as an alloying agent and is widely used in low-alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel, and electrical silicon steel.

Ferrosilicon cored wire is used in the production of magnesium metal.

ferro silicon cored wire

The Advantage of Ferro Silicon Cored Wire

Ferro silicon cored wire is conducive to adjusting and controlling the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly increase the alloy yield, reduce smelting costs, shorten smelting time, and accurately control ingredients.

Ferro silicon cored wire plays the role of purifying molten steel and partially changing the nature and shape of inclusions, improving the quality of molten steel and improving the casting state.

The cost reduction is obvious. The feeding weight of ferrosilicon cored wire is only about 68% of that of ferro silicon lump.

More conducive to pure steel production.

Reduce and eliminate nozzle clogging of continuous cast steel.

Reduced work intensity

There are two types of ferro silicon cored wires: internally drawn type and external type. The mechanical equipment required for wire feeding is simple and reliable, and takes up less space. In particular, the internally drawn cored wire is more suitable for use in narrow places.

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