Ferro Silicon Barium

Ferro Silicon Barium, also known as silicon barium, is widely used in the steel industry and foundry industries. According to the different barium content in ferro silicon barium, ferro silicon barium can be divided into two types: High barium ferro silicon barium FeSiBa30, low barium ferro silicon barium FeSiBa2-3, or 4-6.

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Ferro Silicon Barium Specification

chemical composition of ferro silicon barium

Why Choose ZXferralloy FeSiBa?

  • The price of ferro silicon barium is competitive: As a manufacturer of ferro silicon barium, ZXferroalloy supplies the ferro silicon barium directly from our factory, and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • The particle size of silicon barium can be customized to customers’ requirements. The standard particle size of silicon barium inoculant: 0-0.5mm, 0-3mm, 3-6mm, etc.
  • ZXferroalloy is located in Anyang Henan, China, the key ferroalloy production base. Convenient transportation, preferential policies, and complete service facilities.  Can provide customers with more competitive prices and perfect after-sales service.
  • The ZXferroalloy has 4 production lines of ferroalloy, the annual output is more than 17,000 tons. The delivery time within 7-15 days after sign the contract.

Ferro Silicon Barium Production

ferro silicon barium production
ferro silicon batium production

Application of Ferro Silicon Barium

  1. Silicon Barium is used as a deoxidizing agent and a desulfurizing agent. Barium in silicon-barium alloy has a strong affinity with oxygen and sulfur.  It can effectively remove harmful substances in steel and improve the form of inclusions. 
  2. Silicon Barium is used as an inoculant in the casting industry. It is used in the production of gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, can promote the A-type graphite, and improve the spheroidization grade.
  3. After the high barium silicon barium alloy is melted in the medium frequency furnace and aluminum is added, silicon aluminum barium iron alloy can be prepared.  Silica-aluminum-barium ferroalloy can replace pure aluminum for ultimate deoxidation.

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