Ferro Silicon Barium Inoculant

Ferro silicon barium inoculant

Ferro silicon barium inoculant is a highly efficient metallurgical additive. It is specially designed for the casting process. And it plays a central role in the foundry industry, especially for high-quality gray iron castings and nodular iron castings.

Production of Ferro silicon barium inoculant

Preparation before production: Precisely mix high-purity silicon powder, barium raw materials (such as barium carbonate or barium oxide), calcium powder and other auxiliary materials. Then mix them evenly.

Melting preparation: Completely melt the mixed raw materials in an electric furnace or induction furnace to obtain a liquid alloy. The liquid alloy is solidified by spray cooling, usually in the form of blocks. Finally, the lump inoculant is crushed and screened into the required particle size.

Anyang Zhenxin Metallurgical Materials Co., Ltd. can provide ferro silicon barium inoculants specifications as follows:


silicon barium calcium product specification


0-0.25mm: used for intra-mould inoculation (precise inoculation, higher efficiency)

0.2-1mm: used for inoculation with the flow (the control of the inoculation volume is more accurate)

1-3mm and 3-8mm are used for inoculation in the bag (the incubation time must be controlled at more than 70% of the iron extraction time)

8-15mm for incubation in the furnace

Standard particle size of silicon barium inoculant: 0.1-0.4mm, 0.2-0.7mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm

The main uses of barium silicon inoculant

Promote graphitization: Silicon barium inoculant can significantly increase the number of graphitized cores. This makes the graphite morphology in the casting more fine and uniform, which optimizes the structure of the material from a microscopic level.

For gray cast iron, this means that more A-type graphite can be obtained, thereby improving the mechanical strength of the casting; while for ductile iron, it helps to form fine, round spherical graphite, improving the spheroidization level. , making the casting both strong and wear-resistant.

Reduce the tendency of white chipping: “White chipping” means a hard and brittle cementite layer appears on the surface of the casting. One of the challenges in the casting process is to avoid “white chipping”. Ferro silicon barium inoculant effectively reduces the supercooling of molten iron, and promotes the smooth precipitation of graphite, thereby greatly reducing the white-chipping tendency. This not only improves the overall toughness and ductility of the casting, but also greatly improves subsequent machining performance, making the manufacturing of parts more efficient.

Improve processing performance: Ferro silicon barium inoculant can refine the grain structure of the cast iron matrix, thereby reducing the hardness of the casting and improving the cutting performance. This makes subsequent machining more efficient and reduces the scrap rate.

Advantages of ferro silicon barium inoculant

High efficiency: Ferro silicon barium inoculant can show good inoculation effect in a short time.

Long-term effectiveness: Compared with other inoculants, ferro silicon barium inoculants decline at a slower rate. This means longer-lasting effectiveness over the long casting process. This reduces the frequency of inoculation treatments and saves costs

Wide range of application: The stability and uniformity of ferro silicon barium inoculant can ensure consistent results every time it is added. Under its action, the uniformity of the cross-section can be maintained even in castings with different wall thicknesses. Therefore, ferro silicon barium inoculants have a wide range of applications. It is suitable for castings with complex structures of different wall thicknesses, especially for the production of thick and large parts of ductile iron and gray cast iron.

Economical: Although the cost of using ferro silicon barium inoculant is higher, due to its high efficiency and long-lasting effect, compared with other inoculants, the dosage will be reduced and the performance of castings will be significantly improved. In the long run, this will reduce overall costs.

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