Ferro Silicon Alloy

Ferrosilicon (FeSi) is an alloy of iron and silicon used primarily for deoxidation in steelmaking and as an alloy component.

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How is ferrosilicon made?

Ferrosilicon (often abbreviated as FeSi) is an iron-silicon alloy that also contains smaller proportions of other elements. The most commonly used ferrosilicon grade contains 75 wt% silicon (‘FeSi75’), but the content can range from 15-90 wt% depending on the application.

The highest quality ferrosilicon is produced by reducing silica with coke in the presence of iron (usually scrap steel or iron ore) in an electric arc furnace. Ferrosilicon usually comes in the form of shiny metallic gray lumps, but is also available in preformed balls.

The role of ferrosilicon in steelmaking

In steelmaking, ferrosilicon is used for:

Product performance – Ferrosilicon is a convenient way to add silicon as an alloying element, which can improve various properties of the final steel.

Reduce slag – In stainless steel production, the presence of silicon can reduce chromium oxides in the melt and increase the absorption rate of metallic chromium.

Deoxidation – Ferrosilicon can quickly remove oxygen from the melt, thereby avoiding the appearance of oxides that form inclusions and avoiding the loss of required elements.

Fuel – Some steel mills add ferrosilicon to the melt, which allows heat to be directed into the furnace through combustion, thereby reducing energy costs.

What types of ferrosilicon are there?

Depending on the application requirements, ferrosilicon is usually classified according to the content of various minor components. These categories include:

Low carbon ferrosilicon and ultra-low carbon ferrosilicon – used to avoid the reintroduction of carbon in the manufacture of stainless steel and electrical steel.

Low titanium (high purity) ferrosilicon – used to avoid TiN and TiC inclusions in electrical steel and some special steels.

Low aluminum ferrosilicon – used to avoid the formation of hard Al2O3 and Al2O3-CaO inclusions in various types of steel.

Special ferrosilicon – a general name for a series of customized products containing other alloying elements.

A wide range of ferrosilicon types to suit all steel applications

In addition to offering STD 75, STD 50 Ferrosilicon and Ferrosilicon Balls, we also offer high-quality Ferrosilicon in a range of compositions to provide optimal results for high performance steel grades. Please let us know your requirements and we will find the best product for you.

Electrical Steel – Ferrosilicon is available in various grades to meet the needs of electrical steel manufacturing with low carbon and titanium content and precise proportions of secondary elements.

Stainless Steel – Ferrosilicon product portfolio includes low carbon and ultra-low carbon grades.

Specialty Steels – Ferrosilicon products reliably reduce the content of trace elements such as aluminum, making them ideal for the manufacture of a wide range of specialty steels.

Pure, stable ferrosilicon

The ferrosilicon supplied by ZX is one of the purest products currently on the market, helping you meet strict steel composition requirements while streamlining production processes and reducing energy costs.

Thanks to our strong quality management, our ferrosilicon is highly consistent in purity and size grading. This means you don’t have to worry about performance changes, unpredictable dissolution times, or changes in downstream alloy requirements.

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