The Latest Market Analysis of Ferro Silico Manganese

Ferro Silico Manganese alloy consists of manganese, silicon, iron, carbon, and a small number of impurities. According to the content of carbon, the ferrosilicon manganese is classified into low carbon silico manganese, medium carbon silico manganese, and high carbon silico manganese.

Silico Manganese Uses

Ferro silicon manganese is widely used in the steel industry. The affinity of manganese and silicon with oxygen is strong. Using the ferrosilicon manganese in steelmaking the melting points of MnSiO3 and MnSiO4 are 1270℃ and 1327℃, respectively. It has the advantages of low melting point, large particles, floating easily, and a good deoxygenation effect.  Under the same conditions, using manganese or silicon deoxidation alone, the burning rate of Mn and Si is 46% and 37%, while using silicon manganese alloy deoxidation, the burning rate of both manganese and silicon elements is 29%.  Therefore, silicon-manganese alloys are used in steelmaking as a deoxidizing agent and an alloying agent.

ferro silico manganese
ferro silico manganese

Specification of Ferrosilicon Manganese

The useful elements in silicomanganese alloys are Mn, Si, and Fe. The harmful elements in silicomanganese alloys are C, P, and S.

We can supply Mn60Si14, Mn65Si17, Mn68Si18, or other grades as your requirement.

The chemical composition of silico manganese

The chemical composition of silico manganese

Ferro Silico Manganese Price

According to Ferroalloy Online, on August 26, 2022, the spot market price of silicon manganese remains sluggish. Despite the low volume, silicomanganese producers are reluctant to sell at lower prices. The operating rate of southern manufacturers is low, and the supply of ferro silico manganese is relatively scarce. The price of Mn65Si17 is ¥7000-7200 (EXW natural block).

Recent hot weather continues, the country limits industrial power consumption, and some large ferrosilicon manganese manufacturers in southern China shut down production Even if the electricity crunch eases by the end of the month, overall production is slow to recover. 

RegionRate of OperationGrowth RateOutput (Mon.)Output Growth Rate
Si Chuan14.30%-14.3%13,80010%
Xin Jiang50%-25%14,800-2.4%
Chong Qing28.60%036,700-6%
Yun Nan60%6.7%41,5002.6%
Hu Nan12.50%37.5%8,400-9.2%
Shan Xi36.80%-10.50%34,800-7.2%
Gan Su5%-5%7,400-5%
Ning Xia43.80%-3%162,200-5.4%
Inner Mongolia34.40%-6.6%24,400-3%
Gui Zhou16.70%-16.6%42,200-9.5%
China market silicon manganese production and operating rate August, 2022

Experienced purchasers began to arrange orders for silicon manganese.

1. The price of silico manganese is low recently, the manufacturer has little profit margin, and even produces at a loss, and the production enthusiasm is not high. 

2. Slow release of downstream demand and lack of confidence in the market.

In view of the end of last year, the shipping schedule has been affected by the epidemic city block down and really tight shipping schedule, we suggest maybe it’s better to stock up in advance in August and September to avoid the peak shipping period.

Because generally from October, overseas purchases will start stocking goods for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s festivals, it will have a certain impact on the shipping space booking of heavy cargo of ferroalloys.

Ferro Silico Manganese for Sale

As a leading manufacturer of ferro silicon manganese, ZXferroalloy supplies various grades of silicon manganese. Low carbon silico manganese, medium carbon silico manganese, and high carbon silico manganese are all available. The most popular grade is Mn60Si14, Mn65Si17, and Mn68Si18.

silico manganese price (Si14Mn60)
silico manganese price (Si14Mn60)

The size can be customized as per customers’ requirements. We can process the ferro silicon manganese natural block into customized size blocks, granules and powder. We have our own alloy cored wire factory, which can make silicon manganese cored wire according to customer’s requirements.

silico manganese price (Si17Mn65)
silico manganese price (Si17Mn65)

The MOQ is 20 tons. Trial order of 25 tons can be placed before a formal order is placed.  We can provide samples to customers.

Any requirements for ferro silico manganese please contact us without hesitation.

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