Ferro Molybdenum

What is Ferro Molybdenum?

Ferro molybdenum is composed of Fe, Mo, etc. Ferromoly is mainly used as an alloying agent in steelmaking.

Ferro Molybdenum Specification

GradeMo minSi maxS maxP maxC maxCu maxSb maxSn max

Ferro Molybdenum for sale


Packaging: 1MT/Bag, Steel drums as per customized.


Delivery time: 7-14days

Certificate: SGS, BV, ISO9001

Ferro Molybdenum Manufacturer ZXferroalloy
Ferro Molybdenum price in China Market
ferro moly price FeMo60 FeMo55 FeMo70

Why Chose ZX Ferro Molybdenum

ZXferroalloy specializes in the production of ferromolybdenum, with a monthly output of 1,000 tons.

Our factory can customize ferromolybdenum alloy with Mo55-70% content according to customer requirements. Our company strictly controls trace elements such as carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur in ferromolybdenum, so the products have few impurities and high purity.

Our company’s professional crushing equipment also provides manual crushing methods to provide customers with more diverse particle sizes.

Our company is located in Anyang, Henan, which is the largest concentration of ferroalloy factories in China. The corresponding services are perfect. We can provide customers with third-party testing such as SGS and BV. The transportation here is convenient, reducing inland transportation costs for customers.

24-hour online service, please feel free to contact us via WeChat, WhatsApp or email, and our professional business managers will provide you with detailed product information and quotations.

Ferro Molybdenum Price

The Chinese market price of ferromolybdenum is 207,000-208,000 yuan/ton, and the price of some scattered orders is slightly higher. However, as international prices continue to rise sharply and ferromolybdenum exports increase, it is difficult for domestic factories to quote prices. Today, the price of ferromolybdenum in China’s domestic market is 212,000-217,000 yuan/ton, an increase of 5,500 yuan/ton. Some ferromolybdenum manufacturers are reluctant to sell at a price of 220,000 yuan/ton, some factories have suspended quotations, and the market is waiting to see if the transaction will be followed up.

The European ferromolybdenum quotation is (+6.2) 49.5-50 (+1.9) US dollars/kg, and China’s exports are 211,900-214,000 yuan. Import 239,400-241,800 yuan/60 basis tons.

As international ferromolybdenum prices continue to rise, domestic market sentiment is high, and domestic molybdenum raw material procurement is difficult. Yesterday, more than 40% of molybdenum concentrates were sold in cash for 3,100 yuan/ton, with higher quotations, and import channels were quickly closed. Ferromolybdenum factories reduce shipments and purchase production raw materials as needed.

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Ferro Molybdenum Uses

High-temperature alloys: Ferromolybdenum is often alloyed with other metals and used to manufacture high-temperature tools, aircraft engine parts and high-temperature equipment.

Electronic materials: Because ferromolybdenum has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, it is often used to manufacture electronic components, electrodes and electromagnetic components.

Steelmaking: Ferromolybdenum as an alloying additive can improve the corrosion resistance and strength of steel.

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