Ferro Chrome

Ferrochrome alloys can be divided into high carbon ferrochrome and medium carbon ferrochrome, Low carbon ferrochrome, micro carbon ferrochrome, etc according to their carbon content.; when the silicon content reaches a certain level, ferrochromium becomes silicon chromium alloy; ferrochromium containing a certain amount of nitrogen becomes ferrochromium nitride; contains very little iron and other elements, the main elements are An alloy of chromium becomes metallic chromium.ZhenXin Ferroalloys can customize various types of ferrochrome according to customer nitrogen content needs.

Ferro Chrome Chemical Composition


Classification of Ferrochrome

High carbon ferrochrome: 4% to 10% C

Medium carbon ferrochrome: 0.5% to 4% C

Low carbon ferrochrome: >0.15%~0.5%C

Micro-carbon ferrochrome: ≤0.15%C

low carbon ferro chrome price

Low carbon ferro chrome(LC FeCr) is a type of iron that can pass through the raw steel industry. Usually the iron content does not exceed 60%. Particle content ranges from 0.03% to 0.15%.

Medium carbon ferrochrome(MCFeCr)MCFeCr is produced by further refining of charge chrome. The process occurs when liquid charge chrome is bottom blown by oxygen and steam to reduce carbon content. Silicon content drops to below 1.5 % and carbon to less than 2% Max. MCFeCr has a greenish with flaky granulated appearance.

High carbon ferrochrome(HC FeCr) with high chromium content. It is produced using a higher grade chrome ore.

Ferro Chrome Price Trend 3023-2024

The Uses of Ferro Chrome

Used as an alloying agent for ball steel, tool steel and high-speed steel with higher carbon content, improving the hardenability of steel, add wear resistance and hardness of steel.

Used as an additive for cast iron, improves wear resistance and hardness of casting iron, at the same time, it makes cast iron has good heat resistance.

Used as a Slag-free method to produce Chromium-containing raw materials for silicon-chromium alloys and medium, low, and micro-carbon ferrochrome.

Used as chromium-containing raw materials for electrolytic production of metallic chromium.

Used as raw materials for smelting stainless steel using oxygen oxygen-blowing method.

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