Ferro Chrome Powder

What is Ferro Chrome Powder?

Ferro chrome powder is milled the ferrochrome lump into powder form.

High carbon ferro chrome (C 4 ~ 8%), medium carbon ferro chrome (C 0.5 ~ 4%), low carbon ferro chrome (0.15 ~ 0.50%), micro-carbon ferro chrome (carbon containing 0.06 is 0.06 %), Ultra -micro -carbon iron (carbon containing less than 0.03%), chrome metal, silicon chrome alloy, ferro chrome is an important alloy additive for steelmaking. Chromium iron powder can be used for steelmaking and casting in the industry. It can be used to produce chromium iron core wires, or it can also be used to produce electrodes.

ferro chrome powder
low carbon ferro chrome powder
high carbon ferro chrome powder

The Classification of Ferro Chrome Powder.

Ferro chrome powder is divided into high -carbon chromium iron powder (10%), medium -carbon chromium iron powder (C ≦ 4.0%), low -carbon chromium iron powder (C ≦ 0.5%), micro -carbon chromium iron Powder (C ≦ 0.15%) and so on. Commonly used are silicon chromium alloy, chromium nitride iron, etc.

Ferro Chrome Powder uses

low carbon ferro chrome powder for welding rod material
ferro chrome powder used in steel making

Ferro chrome is mainly used as a steelmaking alloy additive, which has been added in the later period of steelmaking. Low -carbon steels such as smelting stainless steel must use low and micro -carbon chromium iron, so the production of refined chromium iron has developed a large scale.

Chromium iron powder is used to produce electrodes. The production of chromium iron powder is very strict. ZXFERROALOY can provide 200MESH chromium iron powder, and the particle size distribution can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Ferro Chrome Powder Production

Monograph with a reducing electric furnace, with coke as a reducing agent, silicon or aluminum ore as a fuse. The scum composition is generally SIO227 ~ 33%, MGO30 ~ 34%, Al2O326 ~ 30%, CR2O3 <9.0%. Due to the formation of chromium carbide, the product is 4 ~ 9%carbon -containing. The capacity of modern smelting chromium iron is 100,000 ~ 48,000 kVA. Generally, a closed fixed formula is used, and the smelting power consumption is 3000 ~ 4000 kWh · time/ton. The electric furnace of the smelting silicon chromium alloy is similar to the chromium iron restore electric furnace. There are one step method and two -step method. One -step method uses chromium iron ore, silica, coke with melting agent. The two -step method uses carbon -chromium iron, silica, coke as raw materials for residue method smelting, and the smelting process is generally similar to the production of silicon iron. Small smelting power consumption is about 3000 ~ 4000 kilowatts per ton.

Middle, low, and micro -carbon -carbon iron generally use silicon chromium alloy, chromium iron ore and lime as raw materials, use 1500 ~ 6000 kVA electric furnace to refine silicon, and use high -alkali residue operation (CAO/SIO2 is 1.6 ~ 1.8). Low, micro -carbon -carbon iron also uses heat exchange method on a large scale. During production, two electric furnaces are used to smell silicon chromium alloys in one furnace, and one furnace melts slag composed of chromium ore and lime. The refining reaction is divided into two stages in two barrels: ① The slag of the slag furnace is injected into the first bucket, and the silicon chromium alloy that has been preliminarily designed in another bucket is mixed with it. The volume is large, and the silicon is sufficient to obtain a micro -carbon chromium iron with a silicon -containing 0.8%and carbon -containing below 0.02%. ② After the residue (including CR2O3 about 15%) after the reaction in the first bucket was moved to the second bucket, the silicon chromium alloy (45%silicon) of the silicon chromium electric furnace was refined into the residue, and the reaction was react. Later, a silicon chromium alloy (about 25%of silicon) was obtained, and the first bucket was further dehydrated. The slag containing CR2O3 below 2 ~ 3%to abandon.

The oxygen blowing method is refined, low -carbon chromium iron, use liquid carbon chromium iron as raw materials, add a small amount of lime, fluorite residue to the molten pond when blowing, and add silicon chromium alloy or silicon iron to recycle the residue. chromium. The blowing of micro -carbon iron is only possible at a certain degree of vacuum.

The vacuum solid decontamination method is refined, and the grinding high -carbon chromium iron is used as the raw material. Among them, the grinding high -carbon chromium iron is used as oxidant by oxidation and baked, with water glass or other adhesives, pressed into a group block, low temperature through low temperature, low temperature, low temperature After drying, in the bottom -type vacuum furnace, heated for 35 ~ 50 hours at a vacuum of 0.5 ~ 10 mm for 35 to 50 ° C, which can get less carbon -containing micro -carbon below 0.03%or even less than 0.01%microcarbon. Chromium iron.

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