Ferro Boron

What is Ferro Boron?

Ferro boron, also known as ferroboron alloy, is composed of iron and boron, and other impurities such as C, Si, Al, S, P, etc.

Ferro Boron Specification

Ferro boron chemical composition

Ferro Boron Uses

Ferro boron is mainly used in steel making as an alloying agent. There are 0.002%-0.005% of boron in the steel. Adding ferro boron in carbon steel and structure steel can improve the hardenability and mechanical properties of steel. Adding boron to high-quality steel can replace other alloys. Adding boron to heat-resistant steel and heat-resistant alloys not only improves their heat resistance but also improves the plasticity of the alloy.

Adding ferro boron in cast iron not only removes graphite but also precipitates boron-containing carbide structure, which improves the wear resistance of cast iron. It can be used in the production of piston rings, cylinder liners, valve guides, cams, valve seats, and other parts.

Ferro Boron Production

The production methods of ferro boron include the electric furnace reduction method, the electric furnace aluminothermic method, and the out-of-furnace aluminothermic method.

The electric furnace carbon reduction method produces ferro boron, because of the high carbon content, the use is limited, so it is rarely used.

Ferro boron is produced by the aluminothermic method outside the furnace. Boron anhydride is used as raw material, and the mixture of aluminum and magnesium-aluminum alloy is used as a reducing agent. The upper ignition method is used for smelting to produce low-carbon ferro boron.

Ferro Boron Price

product nameSpecificationprice
FerroboronFeB17C0.54050usd/ton (FOB)
FerroboronFeB18C0.54150usd/ton (FOB)
FerroboronFeB19C0.5¥30000 EXW
FerroboronFeB20C0.1¥34500 EXW
FerroboronFeB20C0.5¥32000 EXW
FerroboronFeB20C0.05¥43500 EXW
FerroboronFeB17C0.5¥27000 EXW
FerroboronFeB18C0.5¥28000 EXW
FerroboronFeB19C0.5¥30500 EXW
FerroboronFeB17C0.54150usd/ton (FOB)
FerroboronFeB18C0.54250usd/ton (FOB)
FerroboronFeB19C0.1¥33000 EXW
FerroboronFeB19C0.05¥40500 EXW
Ferro Boron price on China market

Ferro Boron Manufacturer

ZXferroalloy is a manufacturer of ferro boron, the size and specification can be customized. We can supply low carbon ferro boron and low aluminum ferro boron.

ZXferroalloy is located in Anyang, where ferroalloy production is concentrated. Because of its convenient transportation and preferential policies, many ferroalloy manufacturers gather here, such as ferrochrome, ferrochrome nitride, calcium metal, cored wire, and other manufacturers.

The size can be customized we can supply ferro boron lump 10-50mm, ferro boron powder, and ferro boron cored wire.

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