Ferro Alloys Production Analysis

Ferro Alloys Production Analysis

The ferroalloy industry originated in Europe. In the past 10-20 years, developed countries have given up or are giving up ferroalloy production due to high electricity prices, resource scarcity, labor costs, environmental protection, etc.

20 years ago, Britain and Germany completely gave up ferroalloy production, while Japan, South Korea, France, the United States and Italy shrank in ferroalloy production. Japan gave up ferrosilicon production, and ferrochrome and ferromanganese were transferred to South Africa and other countries.

South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, India, Brazil and other countries are rich in mineral resources.

Electrolytic manganese metal flakes

Norway and Sweden are rich in electricity resources.

The above countries are ferroalloy producers and exporters.

Ferroalloy Production Status in India

In 2018, India’s crude steel output surpassed Japan’s and became the second largest steel producer after China.

It is expected that India’s steel production capacity will reach 300 million tons in 2030, replacing China as the largest steel producer.

India produces silicomanganese, ferrochromium (high carbon ferrochromium), and ferromanganese (India relies on imports of some manganese ore and has a shortage of electricity and coke resources, mainly due to manpower and policy advantages)

Ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon magnesium spheroidizing agent, calcium silicon, and even ferrochromium nitride are all produced, but they need to be imported due to quality, output and other reasons.

In 2023, India’s top three import sources of rare earth ferroalloys are China, the Netherlands and Bhutan, and India’s spheroidizing agent imports increased by 57%.

Recommended products: calcium silicon, ferrosilicon magnesium, alloy cored wire, metallic calcium, metallic silicon, electrolytic manganese, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, silicon barium.

Products with competitive advantages over China are silicon manganese, high carbon ferrochrome, and high carbon ferromanganese.

Ferroalloy Production Status in Russia

calcium metal manufacturer from China

Russian steel industry flourished, iron alloy production and consumption were large.

In Russian steel technology, the proportion of calcium added products is relatively high, technology patent.

Russia focuses on production of silicon iron, chrome iron, manganese iron

Russia has well-known nitrogen producers ITA

Russian standard ferroalloy product quality is purer than domestic.

Such as ferro chrome, Russian products containing lower carbon content,and other impurities.

Higher price tolerance for Russian customers.

Their decision time is short.

Recommended products: calcium silicon, calcium metal, ferromanganese, ferro chrome, and manganese metal.

Ferro Alloy Production

Countries such as Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, and Taiwan are the iron alloy production areas of Central and South America.

Adequate rainfall, abundant power resources.

Brazil is the largest silicon iron producing country in Central and South America. Ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, silicon manganese, industrial silicon are China’s main competitors.

Production and export: silicon iron, silicon manganese, manganese iron.

Mexico production and export: silicon iron, silicon manganese, high carbon manganese iron, exported to Mexico.

Japan produces manganese iron, nickel iron, raw material depends on import. Or imported iron alloy after re-processing for use in steel and casting. Japan imports large quantity of silicon iron, silicon manganese. (Silicon manganese imported from India, silicon iron from China, non-Daman countries)

Korea produces silicon manganese, high carbon manganese iron, medium low carbon manganese iron, but still needs large imports of silicon iron, chrome iron, and some silicon manganese and other iron alloys.

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