Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes

Manganese Flakes

Electrolytic manganese flakes are pure manganese flakes extracted from manganese-containing solutions using electrolysis technology. Its manganese content usually reaches more than 99.7%. Electrolytic manganese flakes are silvery gray, hard in texture, have good electrical conductivity and chemical stability, and are usually used as manganese additives in the smelting of special steels and non-ferrous alloys.

electrolytic manganese metal flakes
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electrolytic manganese metal
manganese metal flake
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manganese metal powder

Production process of electrolytic manganese flakes

The production of electrolytic manganese flakes is an industrial smelting process that mainly extracts and purifies manganese metal through two main stages: chemical leaching and electrolytic deposition. The following is a detailed overview of the production process:

1. Raw material preparation and leaching stage

Raw material processing: First, manganese-containing minerals (such as pyrolusite or rhodochrosite) are used as raw materials, and after crushing, grinding and screening, manganese ore powder with a certain particle size is made.

Leaching: Mix manganese ore powder with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce soluble manganese sulfate solution

2. Solution purification:

Multi-level purification of the solution through solid-liquid separation, neutralization and impurity removal, adding specific reagents, etc. to remove impurities and ensure the purity of the electrolyte.

3. Electrolytic deposition:

A cathode (usually a thin steel plate or stainless steel plate) and an anode (usually graphite or other inert materials) are set up in the electrolytic tank. When current passes through the electrolyte, the manganese ions in the solution will obtain electrons on the surface of the cathode. It is reduced to metallic manganese and deposited on the cathode to form electrolytic manganese flakes.

The specifications of electrolytic manganese flakes supplied by Zhenxin Metallurgical Company are as follows.

Electrolytic Manganese Flakes Uses

Electrolytic manganese flakes play a vital role in the steel industry, and its use has a profound impact on improving the quality and performance of steel. The following is a detailed introduction to its role.

Electrolytic Manganese Used As Alloying Additives

Electrolytic manganese flakes are widely used in the production of low-alloy steel and stainless steel. Adding an appropriate amount of electrolytic manganese can significantly improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel, especially when manufacturing high-strength, high-toughness structural steel, such as Q345, Q390 and other low-alloy high-strength structural steels. Electrolytic manganese is an essential alloying ingredient.

Electrolytic Manganese Used As a Deoxidizer

During the steelmaking process, electrolytic manganese can combine with oxygen in the molten steel to form oxides that are easy to float out, thereby reducing the oxygen content in the steel and improving the purity of the steel.

Improve Welding Performance:

Manganese can refine grains, increase the toughness of the weld area, and reduce the occurrence of welding cracks. Steels containing electrolytic manganese tend to exhibit better welding properties.

Promote Processing Performance:

Electrolytic manganese can also improve the cold deformation ability and heat treatment responsiveness of steel. By adjusting the manganese content, the rolling, stamping and forging properties of steel can be optimized, making the final product easier to form and meet design requirements.

Reduce Costs and Resource Utilization:

Compared with other valuable alloy elements, manganese has a relatively low cost and is abundant in the earth. By properly proportioning electrolytic manganese and other alloying elements, costs can be effectively controlled and resources can be efficiently utilized while ensuring the performance of the steel.

In summary, electrolytic manganese flakes are of great significance in promoting the development and technological progress of the steel industry, not only in improving the comprehensive performance of steel, but also in optimizing production processes, saving resources, reducing costs, etc., thus Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in domestic and foreign markets. As the global steel industry continues to develop towards high quality and high performance, the application prospects of electrolytic manganese will become even broader.

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