Application of Calcium-based Cored Wire in Refining Process

Calcium-based cored wire has been in huge demand for a long time, and about 70% of calcium-cored wire products of ferroalloy manufacturing enterprises flow to steelmaking enterprises. As a leading alloy enterprise in China, ZHENXIN Alloy has developed a variety of calcium-based cored wire products for application in out-of-furnace refining processes in order to meet the needs of the market. Among them, pure calcium cored wire, silicon calcium cored wire, iron calcium cored wire, calcium magnesium cored wire and other products have become mainstream products in the market.

The important role of calcium element properties in deoxidation reaction of iron and steel

Calcium has a strong affinity with oxygen and can react with oxygen to remove oxygen molecules. The deoxidation link in the steelmaking process is particularly important. The calcium element properties make calcium the most important element in the composite deoxidizer. Calcium can be combined with various elements to form a multifunctional composite deoxidizer. The application of the multifunctional composite deoxidizer mainly composed of calcium-based elements makes the pourability of the molten steel good, and it is not easy to cause the blockage of the large ladle and the middle ladle. It can solve the problems existing in the current production to the greatest extent, and effectively prevent the nodule of the nozzle.

 Calcium-based Cored Wire
 Calcium-based Cored Wire

Calcium-based alloys exist in the form of cored wires, which can exert the properties of calcium elements more efficiently. The cored wire increases the time and effect of the calcium reaction to a large extent and plays a very important role in the steelmaking process. Calcium-based cored wire has a very good effect on removing impurities in molten steel and can improve the quality of molten steel so that it can be further purified.

The improvement of deoxidizing ability of compound deoxidizer

Effectively improve the deoxidation ability of the main deoxidizing elements in the composite deoxidizer, reduce the content of Ca, Al, O in the molten steel, improve the purity of the molten steel, reduce the consumption of deoxidizing elements, that is, improve the deoxidation utilization rate of the elements. Although the valence of the deoxidizing element does not change, the number of reactions increases. The deoxidation ability of Al in the composite deoxidizer is improved. At the same time, the consumption of Ca is also reduced, the deoxidation efficiency is greatly improved, and Al also makes up for the large consumption of Ca deoxidation.

Pure calcium cored wire
Pure calcium cored wire

The cored wire composed of a suitable composite deoxidizer is selected for deoxidation. The amount of Al and Ca is small and the amount of deoxidation is large. This is the effect of the composite deoxidizer with a higher deoxidation capacity.

To sum up, in the process of Ca, Al deoxidation, Ca is an accelerator for Al deoxidation, and also a reducer, which can reduce costs, and is also an improver of inclusions, which not only makes the production process normal but also improves the molten steel. quality, so that the oxygen content is lower. Therefore, the calcium element properties determine that Ca is one of the indispensable elements in the steelmaking process.

External refining
External refining

It has been confirmed from the long-term production practice that the organic composition of the composite deoxidizer has achieved good results, and the understanding of the composite deoxidizer has also been enhanced. In the production practice of different steel grades, it is still necessary to further improve the composition of the deoxidizer according to the specific situation.

Developed a composite deoxidizer that not only meets the steelmaking requirements of different steel grades, but is not easy to produce calcium-based alloys and multi-component alloys, maximizes the quality of steel, reduces the consumption of composite deoxidizers in an all-round way, reduces costs, and ensures out-of-furnace refining. The process and continuous casting process proceeded smoothly.

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