Aluminium Silicon Ferro Alloy

Nowadays, silicon aluminum ferroalloy takes the place of pure aluminum in the steel-making industry. It is used as a deoxidizing agent.

silicon aluminium ferro alloy Si Al alloy
Aluminium Silicon alloy for sale

The Specification of Silicon Aluminium

GradeSi minAl minMn maxC maxP maxS max

Silicon Aluminium for Sale

Packaging: 1MT/bag

Size: 30*50mm or customized as your requirement

Delivery time: 7-14days

Brand: ZXferroalloy

The Uses of Ferro Silicon Aluminium

Silicon-aluminum alloy is a powerful deoxidizer used in steelmaking. The density of silicon-aluminum alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum, so it easily enters molten steel and has less internal burning loss. The utilization rate of using silicon-aluminum alloy as a deoxidizer in the steelmaking process can be more than doubled compared to using pure aluminum.

The silicon-aluminum alloy is deoxidized to form a low melting point product, which easily floats to the surface of the molten steel, reducing inclusions in the steel, purifying the molten steel, and improving the quality of the steel. Silicon-aluminum alloys can also be used as reducing agents for metal thermal reduction.

Ferro Silicon Aluminium Production Method

Ferro silicon aluminum alloys are produced in medium-frequency induction furnaces at temperatures as high as 1700°C. These raw materials are added to the furnace for smelting in the order and required amounts of ferrosilicon, pig iron, and aluminum. The entire smelting process is protected with charcoal powder to prevent metal oxidation.

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