Ferro Silico Manganese a Great Solution for Steel Making

Silico manganese is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron, and a small amount of carbon and other elements. It is a ferroalloy with wide application and large output. Its consumption occupies the second place of electric furnace ferroalloy products.

What are the advantages of silico manganese?

Ferro silico manganese is used in steelmaking, and the melting points of the deoxidized products MnSiO3 and Mn2SiO4 are 1270°C and 1327°C respectively, which have the advantages of low melting point, large particles, easy floating, and good deoxidation effect. Under the same conditions, using manganese or silicon alone for deoxidation, the burning loss rates were 46% and 37%, respectively, while deoxidizing with manganese-silicon alloy, the burning loss rates of both were 29%.

ferro silico manganese

About the quality of silico manganese

The raw materials for producing silicomanganese alloy include manganese ore, manganese-rich slag, silica, coke, dolomite (or limestone), and fluorite. A manganese ore or a mixture of several manganese ores (including manganese-rich slag) can be used to produce silicomanganese alloys. Among them, manganese is one of the most important deoxidizers in the steelmaking process. Almost all steel types need to use manganese for deoxidation.

At the same time, manganese can also increase the deoxidation effect of strong deoxidizers such as silicon and aluminum. In addition, all industrial steel needs to add a small amount of manganese as a desulfurizer, so that the steel can be hot-rolled, forged, and other processes without breaking.

Manganese is also the most important alloying element in various steel types. More than 15% manganese will be added to alloy steel to increase the structural strength of the steel. Since silicon-manganese alloys require lower iron and phosphorus content than high-carbon ferromanganese, it is required to smelt manganese Silicon-alloyed manganese ore has a higher manganese-iron ratio and manganese-phosphorus ratio. Therefore, the higher the manganese content of manganese ore, the better the indicators.

Price Analysis of Silico Manganese

The spot price of silicomanganese is stable at a high level, and the market prospect is better before the year. Recently, the quotations from factories have been stable, and most of the factory orders are mainly. The orders are scheduled until mid-January, and the spot resources are limited. Low-cost resources are hard to find at present.

ferro silico manganese price
ferro silicon manganese price

Recently, the quotation of 6517 processing block in the north is still running around 7300, and some of them are slightly lower at 7250 yuan/ton. Due to the epidemic situation, the processing progress of workers is slow, and some factories mainly offer natural block prices. At present, the quotation of the 6517 natural block in the north is in the range of 7100-7200 yuan / ton. The South is currently quoting around 7,400 yuan/ton, and some factories still insist on 7,450 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the southern market is even more scarce, and the price of steel bidding has risen slightly recently, concentrated in the range of 7650-7750 yuan/ton.

On the whole, the recent high level of silicomanganese is mainly stable operation, and the fluctuation range is limited before the year. The main influencing factors are market activity and demand.

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