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On April 15th, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the spring was warm and the flowers were blooming. It was a good time for outings. Zhenxin Metallurgy organized a tour of the Ferroalloy Foreign Trade Department. This activity chooses Baoquan Scenic Spot with beautiful mountains and clear waters. Through this team-building activity, we will enhance the connection between employees, make them relax, and improve their team cohesion.

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Baoquan Scenic Area has a forest coverage rate of 95%. It is a national forest reserve, a national key ecological public welfare forest, and a Taihang Macaque Reserve. The annual average temperature is about 10 degrees, with a pleasant climate and fresh air. The scenic spot is surrounded by the wonders of Taihang, such as a high gorge and flat lake, majestic gorge, and super high waterfalls. The scenic spot is an auspicious and blessed place.

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Baoquan Scenic Area is characterized by water, and with the theme of “Fu Lu Shou Xi Cai”, one gorge (Youlong Gorge) and four valleys (Baoquan Valley, Diecui Valley, Tianpu Valley, Feihong Valley) are created to show one waterfall and one valley. of natural wonders.

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There are more than 100 tourist attractions such as Jianlong Waterfall, Emerald Lake, Feilong Waterfall, Yuelong Waterfall, Feihong Bridge, Shuanglong Waterfall, Lingyun Terrace, Bailu Lake, Strange Stone Corridor, Water-absorbing Lingshi, and Wulian Waterfall. Jing Yiqi. Among them, Jianlong Waterfall has a drop of 320 meters and a maximum flow rate of 3000 cubic meters per second. Emerald Lake is green and flawless, bright and picturesque, with rippling water, like a fairyland on earth, and is known as “the first lake in Taihang”. Youlong Gorge winds and turns, with magnificent cliffs and overflowing clear water. It is a boutique gallery of primitive landscapes.

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During the climbing process, the employees helped each other and united as one. Sharry from the Human Resources Department was weak and exhausted. In order to let her climb to the top of the mountain smoothly, Becca from the Logistics Department helped her up the mountain. Manager Zhang from the Operations Department helped her carry her bags all the way to lighten her burden. Other colleagues also kept cheering her on. After everyone worked together and helped each other, everyone successfully climbed to the top of the mountain, and no one was left behind. In an excellent team, most of the work is done in close cooperation with each other.

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At 8 pm, we arrived home safely as planned. The team-building activity was successfully concluded. Everyone relaxed, exercised their bodies, and increased team cohesion.

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