Zhenxin Ferroalloy 2021 Commendation Conference

On December 31, 2021, in order to express the greetings and care of the company to all employees, and to commend the employees for excellent performance in 2021, the company held the 2021 annual commendation Conference in Shao Shanhong Hotel. 

First of all, the conference opened with president Zhang’s New Year’s speech.  The chairman wished all the employees good health and smooth work.  He recognized the efforts and achievements of all staff in the past 2021 and encourage the staff to make further efforts and do better in 2022. 

Looking back on 2021, Zhenxin Metallurgical Foreign Trade Department has overcome various difficulties since its establishment. In the past year, the company’s performance has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and the number of employees has continued to increase. These are inseparable from the efforts of all the company’s employees. At this commendation meeting, the company selected outstanding employees and outstanding newcomers and awarded certificates and bonuses. All members of the company also offered the most sincere blessings and warm applause to the award-winning colleagues.

The next is a happy dinner, in the meal we bless each other, laugh and drink, the scene atmosphere is warm. 

The 2021 annual commendation conference was held successfully in a warm and cheerful atmosphere. After the meeting, all the staff of our foreign trade department had dinner in the restaurant.

ZXferroalloy foreign trade department had dinner together
ZXferroalloy foreign trade department had dinner together

We spent an unforgettable night with laughter.  We sincerely wish Zhenxin a better tomorrow and a new high performance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2022.

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