What is Ferro Silicon Aluminium?

What is Ferro Silicon Aluminium?

Ferro silicon aluminium is a kind of strong deoxidizer used in the steel industry. The density of Ferro silicon aluminum (4.5g/cm3) is higher than that of pure aluminum (2.7g/m3). It is easier to metalize molten steel and has a low burning loss rate.

Ferro Silicon Aluminium FeSiAl 4818
Ferrosilicon aluminium alloy

Using ferro silicon aluminum in steelmaking can more than double the utilization rate compared to using pure aluminum for deoxidation. The slag formed by deoxidizing ferro silicon aluminum has a low melting point and easily floats on the surface of molten steel, reducing the slag in the steel and improving the quality of the steel.

The Specification of Ferro Silicon Aluminium

GradeSi minAl minMn maxC maxP max
chemical composition

Ferro Silicon Aluminium For Sale

Packing: 1ton/Bag

Delivery: 7-14days

Size: 10*10mm

Uses: Steelmaking

Ferro Silicon Aluminium Price

The raw materials of ferrosilicon aluminum are ferrosilicon, carbon, aluminum, etc.

As the manufacturer of ferrosilicon aluminium, ZXferroalloy supplies various grades of FeSiAl. The Price of FeSi18Al48 is around 1500usd (FOB Tianjin), March, 2024. Contact and get the current price of ferrosilicon aluminium.

Ferro Silicon Aluminium Manufacturer

Ferro Silicon Aluminium Production Process

Carbothermic Smelting of Ferrosilicon Aluminium

Using silica, bauxite, steel chips as raw materials, coke or petroleum coke as reducing agent, silicon aluminum alloy is smelted directly in electric furnace. The silica content in the raw material is greater than 98%, and the anti-storm property of silica is better. Materials with high density and content are selected for bauxite, and materials with high resistivity are selected for carbonaceous reducing agents. The Fe in the steel chips and iron chips can reduce the reaction temperature, and the reduced Si and Al are fused to form Si-Al-Fe alloy.

Remelting Process to Produce Ferro Silicon Aluminium

The remelting process is used to make sial-ferroalloy by reheating ferrosilicon, aluminum, and steel chips. According to customer requirements of the content of raw materials. The ferrosilicon is broken into particles, added to the medium frequency furnace, and smelted under the protection of inert gas. Cast into about 2kg of silicon aluminum iron ingot.

Molten Ferrosilicon Add Aluminium Method

According to the requirements of ferro silicon aluminium to add a certain content of raw materials. Preheating the aluminium ingot in the ladle,  and adding cryolite molten salt. Adding the preheated aluminium ingot into the ladle during the tapping.

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