What are the Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flakes?

Electrolytic manganese metal refers to the manganese salt obtained from manganese ore through acid leaching, and then sent to the electrolytic cell for electrolysis to separate out the elemental metal. It looks like iron and is in the shape of irregular flakes. The texture is hard but brittle, one side is bright and the other side is rough, it is silvery white to brown, and turns silvery gray after being processed into powder.

electrolytic manganese metal flakes

Manganese metal is easily oxidized in air and dissolves and displaces hydrogen when encountering dilute acid. At slightly above room temperature, water can be decomposed and hydrogen gas can be released. The purity of electrolytic manganese is very high. Its function is to increase the hardness of alloy materials. The most widely used ones are manganese-copper alloy and manganese-aluminum alloy.

Manganese in these alloys can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the alloy. Due to its high purity and low impurity characteristics, electrolytic manganese has been successfully and widely used in various fields such as steel smelting, nonferrous metallurgy, electronic technology, and chemical industry.

Electrolytic Manganese Production Process

There are two main methods of refining manganese metal: the thermal method (fire method) and the electrolysis method (wet method). The purity of manganese metal produced by the thermal method does not exceed 95-98%, and it consumes high energy and causes serious pollution, so it has been gradually eliminated. However, the purity of manganese metal produced by the electrolytic method can reach more than 99.7-99.9%, and the pollution is relatively small. It has now become the main method of manganese metal production.

Market Analysis of Manganese Metal

The output of electrolytic manganese in January 2024 was approximately 102,100 tons, a decrease of 0,800 tons from December 2023, and a decrease of 2,400 tons from January 2023. The electrolytic manganese market has entered a holiday state, and there are no excessive transactions for the time being. Most terminals and traders have completed stocking up in the early stage, and a small number of operators are waiting for the market to clear up after the holiday to choose the opportunity to operate.

In February, most electrolytic manganese factories reported that they had no plans to suspend production, and supply-side output was steadily released. Except for futures deliveries from some factories, limited spot demand still caused price stabilization pressure for electrolytic manganese. The industry is cautious about the demand for electrolytic manganese after the holiday. Traders’ Spring Festival stockpiles are far less than before, which indirectly conveys the market’s pessimism about the future supply and demand of electrolytic manganese.

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