What are the Differences between Manganese Powder and Electrolytic Manganese Metal Powder

Electrolytic Manganese powder: directly derived from manganese ore existing in nature, obtained through physical processing (such as grinding machinery) into powdery substance, and its chemical properties remain unchanged.
Electrolytic manganese powder: It is metal manganese obtained by electrolysis after treating manganese ore with chemical raw materials such as sulfuric acid. This process is chemical processing.

Metal manganese powder is produced by mechanical crushing method, which uses the brittleness of metal manganese flakes to crush the metal manganese flakes into manganese powder through external effects such as shearing, impact, bending, extrusion, and grinding. Metal manganese powder is mainly used in the production of ordinary welding rods, coated welding rods and high-end aluminum materials produced using spray metallurgy processes. It is used in copper refining and aluminum alloying in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy.
Metal manganese powder: maintains the physical properties of manganese ore, usually in the form of gray-black or brown powder.
Electrolytic manganese powder: After the electrolysis process, it has the characteristics of metallic manganese, including good hardness and corrosion resistance.

manganese metal powder electrolytic manganese metal powder
Mn metal electrolytic manganese metal powder

The Production of Electrolytic Manganese Metal Powder

Metal powders are produced by electrolysis, atomization, and ball milling. They are all physical changes, so electrolytic manganese is manganese powder.
Electrolytic manganese metal is the main material for manufacturing **trimanganese. In addition, due to its high purity and low impurities, it is an important alloy element for the production of stainless steel, high-strength low alloy steel, aluminum-manganese alloy, copper-manganese alloy, etc. It is also an important alloy element for welding rods and ferrites. , permanent magnet alloy elements, and indispensable raw materials in the production of manganese salts for many pharmaceutical and chemical industries; newly developed vibration-damping alloys also require electrolytic metal manganese.

In recent years, the world aluminum industry has become a major user of electrolytic manganese metal. In the steel industry, electrolytic manganese metal is also used as a deoxidizer and desulfurizer. According to statistics, the average consumption of electrolytic manganese metal per ton of steel is 0.06kg. With the advancement of metallurgical technology, high-quality steel and spray metallurgical technology have been greatly developed. The application of electrolytic manganese metal powder in the metallurgical industry has been increasing, and the dosage has expanded, breaking through the above indicators.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of special steel, especially the development of my country’s 200 series stainless steel, the proportion of manganese metal in metallurgy is increasing. Aluminum-manganese alloy is a modern light and beautiful building material, decorative engineering material and anti-corrosion support material for underground engineering. In recent years in China, aluminum-manganese alloy doors and windows have gradually entered ordinary residential buildings, greatly expanding the market for manganese metal. ​

electrolytic manganese metal
electrolytic manganese metal

Electrolytic manganese metal production process: Electrolytic manganese metal is a hydrometallurgical product of manganese. In domestic production practice for many years, the production process of “leaching-purification-electrolysis” is generally adopted. Mainly, manganese carbonate powder is reacted with inorganic acid to prepare a manganese salt solution, ammonium salt is added as a buffer, iron is removed by oxidation and neutralization by adding oxidants, and heavy metals are removed by adding oxidants. After “sedimentation – filtration – “In-depth purification – filtration” results in a pure manganese sulfate solution. After adding additives, it enters the electrolytic cell for electrolysis as an electrolyte to produce metallic manganese.
Mainly used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy and other industries.

The Uses of Manganese Powder and Electrolytic

Metal manganese powder: mainly used to make steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other alloys, and as raw materials for other industrial applications.
Electrolytic manganese powder: widely used in the manufacture of high-strength materials. Due to its special physical and chemical properties, it is suitable for industrial fields with higher requirements.

To sum up, there are obvious differences in sources, physical properties and uses of metallic manganese powder and electrolytic manganese powder. Metal manganese powder is manganese ore powder obtained through physical processing, while electrolytic manganese powder is metal manganese powder obtained through chemical processing and has a wider range of uses and specific physical and chemical properties.

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