The Silico Manganese Price in China Market in April 2024

In April, the rise in silicon manganese raw materials pushed up the price of silicon manganese alloy. SiMn6517 rise by 1000 CNY. The price increase of silicon manganese alloy makes it difficult to cover the rise in raw material prices. The price of silicon manganese is near the cost line.

In April 2024 the price of silicon manganese adjusted slightly.

After Qingming Festival, the north quoted 5700-5800 yuan/ton, the south quoted 5900-5950 yuan/ton, the futures plate price for a long time in the 6100-6200 range, silicon manganese came to the relatively low point. In the middle of the year, affected by the fermentation of foreign mine delivery events, the price of manganese ore rose rapidly, stimulating the rise of silicon-manganese alloy, coupled with the continuous rise of coke, the cost of silicon-manganese was rapidly pushed up. In the early stage, the increase of silicon manganese alloy is much lower than that of manganese ore, and in late April, with the promotion of high turnover of manganese ore, the increase of silicon manganese has also increased.

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The Current Price of Silico Manganese in China

As of the end of April, silicon manganese 6517 from the north to the south offered 7300-7500 yuan/ton range, 7200-7300 yuan/ton there are some retail transactions. In terms of futures performance, 2409 contracts opened 6128 months, the lowest price of 6108 months, the highest price of 7938 months, the close of 7914 months, the open position of 427,282 lots, and 60,417 silmanganic warehouse receipts.

In terms of steel recruitment, the price of downstream steel mills has gradually climbed, from 5900-6000 yuan/ton to 6200-6300 yuan/ton, and then to 6650-7000 yuan/ton. Steel mills are still hesitant to accept high prices, high pricing is more entangled, but at the same time with the obvious push up in spot, steel mills are more difficult to purchase at low prices.

In April, silicon manganese 6014 rose at the same time, but compared with 6517, the increase was slightly slower and the range was smaller. Before mid-April, silicon manganese 6014# was still maintained in the 5700-5800 yuan/ton range, with the rise of Qinzhou port mine prices and coke, silicon manganese 6014# increased in late April. By the end of April, silicon manganese 6014# offered 6300-6400 yuan/ton, with an increase of about 600 yuan/ton.

Silicon Manganese With High Content of Silicon

In early April, the bidding of some high-silicon silicon manganese steel mills still showed a downward trend, and the bidding price of a representative steel mill in Zhejiang in April was only 6600 yuan/ton, but with the overall rise of manganese ore, especially the price of high-product manganese ore, the price of high-silicon silicon manganese also rose significantly. At the end of March, the North 6325# retail factory price is still hovering in the 7100-7200 range, and at the end of April, the retail price of the North factory has risen to 8300-8400 yuan/ton range, an increase of more than 1,000.

The Output of Silicon Manganese

In April 2024, the total output of all major grades of silicon manganese in China was about 711,100 tons (of which the output of silicon manganese 6517 was about 652,300 tons). A decrease of 88,350 tons from March and 226,350 tons from April 2023.

The Outlook of Silico Manganese

In April, the amount of domestic manganese ore to the port was less, the port was less inclined to sell the rising sentiment fermentation, the quotation continued to probe the cumulative more than 20 yuan/ton, and the manganese ore transaction gradually followed up, the cost led the downstream alloy price to rise, but the early increase was weaker than the ore, coupled with the rise of coke, the silicon manganese production cost pushed up rapidly, the factory instant profit margin is still on the edge of the upside-down line. In April, the comprehensive increase of silicon manganese exceeded a thousand, of which silicon manganese 6517 and high-silicon silicon manganese rose as high as 1300-1500 yuan/ton, and silicon manganese 6014 was slightly weaker. Steel recruits push up obviously, pricing stalemate.

After the small long holiday, continue to pay attention to the latest outboard quotation of manganese ore, mine dynamics and downstream steel recruitment, which is still running at a high level in the short term.

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